Some people go to school to learn how to teach
Some others go to school just to learn how to preach.
If you can't preach without goin' to school
You ain't no preacher, you's an educated fool

cho: And that's all. And that's all.
You better change your way of livin',
'Fore the Good Lord says," That's all".

A man I know, well he's a miser
Tryin' to save all the money he can.
But when that old undertaker puts him down,
Where's he gonna spend his money? Under the ground?...


Man comes from monkeys, some folks say
But the Good Book don't 'xactly tell it that way.
And if you believe that monkey tale, like some people do
Well, I'd rather be the monkey, brother, than you..


Now my little song is ended. My little song is through
I didn't neccessar'ly mean to sing this song for you;
But if you don't like the way that my little song goes
It's a mighty sure sign I've been a-steppin' on your toes,


Copyright American Music, Inc.
recorded by Merle Travis, Back Home
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