(Leon Rosselson)

Fill out this vacation form
In duplicate and due
We need the information
What and how and where and who
We need your registration number
And age and height and weight
So we can keep the nation
In a law and ordered state

That's the way the wheels turn
'Round and 'round the wheels turn
That's the way the wheels turn 'round

That's the way the wheels turn
'Round and 'round the wheels turn
That's the way the wheels turn 'round

The forms are stamped and dated
And they're filed into files
The files are tabulated
And they're piled into piles
The piles are tabulated
And they're sorted into rows
The rows are consecrated
And the paper kingdom grows

I am the man in uniform
The man without a name
I'm the man who sees the rules are kept
The rules without a trend
And if you want to come and see me
There may be some delay
'Cause it isn't my department
I'm not authorised to say

I'm a servant of the people
Doing what I have to do
I'm the man who turns the handle
I'm not turning it for you
So if you wanted to come and see me
Join the queue and while you wait
Fill in this form

Copyright Leon Rosselson
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