(David Albert)

Oh, she was an unsung hero of the greatest land of all,
Her name was Mondegreen, and she stood straight and proud and tall,
But the soldiers came at midnight, now the people all have seen,
How they've slain the Earl of Murray, and Lady Mondegreen.

Oh, there is an ancient lighthouse, on the cliffs at Donzerly,
Two centuries, and more, it's guided sailors home from sea.
It was there in times of trouble, shining bravely through the night;
Now the sailors all sing praises to the Donzerly Light.

Jose had left his wallet home when he went to the game
He couldn't buy a ticket and it seemed an awful shame
So he shinnied up the flagpole to watch the Mets for free
And all the fans looked up and sang, "Jose, can you see?"

Copyright David Albert.
filename[ MONDGREN
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