By the borders of the ocean
One morning in the month of June,
To view those war-like songsters
Hear their merry notes and sweet-lie tunes
I overheard a female talking
She seemed to be in grief and woe
Conversing with young Bonaparte
Concerning the bonny bunch of roses-o.

When next I saw Napoleon,
Down on his bended knees was he,
Asking the pardon of his mother,
Who granted it most mournfully.
He says, "I'll take an army
And through tremenjous dangers I will go.
In spite of all the universe
I'll conquer the bonny bunch of roses-o."

"No, Son, don't talk so venturesome,
For England has the hearts of oak.
There's England, Ireland, and Scotland -
Their unity has ne'er been broke.
O Son, think on your father's fate,
On the Isle of St. Helene his body lies low,
And you will soon follow after.
Beware of the bonny bunch of roses-o."

Then he took one hundred thousand men,
And kings likewise to bear his train.
He was so well provided for
He thought to sweep this earth alone.
But when he arrived in Moscow,
He was overpowered by the driven snow.
When Moscow was a-blazing, there
He lost his bonny bunch of roses-o.

"O Mother, now believe me,
For I am on my dying bed.
If I had lived I would have been clever,
But now I droop my weary head.
And when my body lies mouldering,
And weeping willows o'er me grow,
The deeds of great Napoleon
Will sting the bonny bunch of roses-o"

From Traditional American Songs, Warner and Warner
Collected from John Galusha, 1941
Note: Napoleon of this song is the Emperor's son by his second
marriage. The Bonny Bunch of Roses is England, Ireland and
Scotland RG
DT #392
Laws J5
filename[ BONBUNCH
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