lt's of a flash packet, a packet of fame,
She hails from New York and the Dreadnaught's her name.
'Cross the wild Western ocean, she's bound for to go.
She's the Liverpool packet. Oh Lord, let her go!
Derry down, down, down derry down.

Now the Dreadnaught is hauling out of Waterloo Doek
And the boys and the girls to the pierhead do flock.
They give us three cheers as their tears down do flow.
She's the Liverpool packet. Oh Lord, let her go!

Now the Dreadnaught is lying in the River Mersey,
'Waiting the Independerce to tow her to sea
Out 'round the Rock Light where them salt tides do flow.
Bound away in the Dreadnaught to the westward we'll go!

Now the Dreadnaught's a-howling down the wild lrish Sea,
Her passengers merry and with their hearts full of glee.
Her sailors like lions walk the decks to and fro.
She's the Liverpool packet. Oh Lord, let her go !

Now the Dreadnaught is sailing the Atlantic so wide,
Where the high roaring seas roll along her black side.
With her sails taughtly set for the Red Cross to show ,
She's the Liverpool packet. Oh Lord, let her go!

Now the Dreadnaught is crossing the Banks of Newfoundland.
Where the water's so green and the bottom's all sand.
The fishes of the ocean they swim to and fro,
She's the Liverpool packet. Oh Lord, let her go!

And now she is lying off the Long Island Shore
Where the pilot will board us as he's oft done before.
Fill away your main topsail! Board your main tack also.
She's the Liverpool paeket. Oh Lord, let her go !

And now we're arriving in old New York town.
We're bound for the Bowery and let sorrows drown.
With our gals and our beer, boys, oh let the song now.
And drink to the Dreadnaught where'er she may go!

Here's a health to the Dreadnaught and all her brave crew,
To bold Captain Samuels and his officers too.
You may talk of flash packets, Swallowtail and Black Ball,
But the Dreodnaught's the flyer that can outsail them all!

Note: According to Hugill, Dreadnaught was THE Liverpool packet,
delivering mail to Liverpool, rather than hailing from there.
Recorded By Killen, 50 South to 50 South
DT #614
Laws D13
filename[ DREDNGHT
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