(Tom Smith, Bob Blue, Trad.)

The eensie-weensie spider went up the water spout
Down came the rain, and washed the spider out.
Out came the sun and dried up all the rain
And the eensie-weensie spider climbed again
She wouldn't let the elements distract her from her goal
The purpose of her struggle was imbedded in her soul;
Now see the sun shine down on beasts, on women and on men
And see that eenie-weensie spider rise again!

cho: Rise again! Rise again!
She will not let misfortune keep her
From doing what she can.
So whether your legs number two, or four or eight or ten
Be like that eensie-weensie spider,
Rise again!

This eensie-weensie metaphor's a lesson to us all
We cannot be defeated if we rise each time we fall
And if you think this story's one you learned too long ago
Then think about some other ones you know:
You know the myth of Sisyphus, and you know Jack and Jill
It's such a potent image, going up and down a hill.
So every time you fall,or lose a lover or a friend
Be like that eensie-weensie spider,
Rise again!

Perhaps you think this allegory goes a bit too far
Climbing up a pipe is not like reaching for a star
But whether it's a water spout or mountain that you climb
You've come this far. Indulge me one more time,
It could be said that each of us climbs up a water spout
The downward pull of gravity's not what it's all about
The upward pull of hope is what will save us in the end
Be like that eensie-weensie spider
Rise again!

Final chorus:
Rise again! Rise again!
Never let misfortune keep you
From doing what you can,
And whether your legs number two
Or four or eight or ten
Be like that eensie-weensie spider,
Rise again!

copyright Tom Smith, Bob Blue
@parody @insect @moral
tune, of course, is Mary Ellen Carter
filename[ EENSIE
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