Early one morning as the sun was adorning,
The birds on the bushes did warble and sing,
Gay lads and young lasses in couples were sporting
ln yonder green valley, their work to begin.

I spied one among them, she was fairer than any,
Her cheeks like the red rose than none can excel,
Her skin like the lily that grows in yon valley,
And she's only a hard-working factory girl.

l stepped up to her, more closely to view her,
When on me she cast a look of disdain,
Saying, "Young man, stand off me and do not come near me
l work for my living and think it no shame."

"It's not for to scorn you, fair maid, I adorn you,
But grant me one favour, love: where do you dwell?"
"Kind sir, you'll excuse me, for now I must leave you,
For yonder's the sound of my factory bell."

"I have lands, I have houses adorned with ivy,
l have gold in my pocket and silver as well,
And if you'll go with me, a lady I'll make you,
So try and say yes, my dear factory girl."

"Love and sensation rules many a nation,
To many a lady perhaps you'll do well;
For I am an orphan, neither friend nor relation,
I'm only a hard-working factory girl."

It's true I did love her, but now she won't have me,
And all for her sake I`ll go wander a while
Over high hills and valleys where no one shall know me,
I'll mourn for the sake of my factory girl.

Now this maid she's got married, become a great lady,
Became a rich lady of fame and renown,
She may bless the day and the bright summer's morning
She met with the squire and on him did frown.

It's now to conclude and to finish those verses:
lt's may they live happy and may they do well,
Come fill up your glasses and drink to the lasses
That attend the sweet sound of the factory bell.

From Songs of the People, Sam Henry
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