There was a little ship, and she sailed upon the sea
And the name of the ship was the Golden Vanity
And she sailed upon the low and the lonesome low
And she sailed upon the lowland sea.

Oh, up spoke the captain, and then said he,
"I'm feared we'll be taken by the Spanish enemy"
As we sail etc.

Then up there spoke our little cabin boy
Saying,"What will you give me if the galley I destroy?"
As she sails etc.

"Oh, I will give you gold and silver shining bright
And my fairest daughter will wed you tonight."
If you sink her in the etc.

So the boy bared his breast and he jumped into the sea
And he swom till he come to the Spanish enemy
As she rolled etc.

He had a little tool that was made for the use
And he bored nine* holes in her hull all at once,
And he sunk her in the etc.

Then the boy he bered his breast, and back swum he
He swum till he come to the Golden Vanity
As she lay there in the etc.

"Oh Captain take me up, Oh, take me up on board
For if you don't you'll forfeit your word
For I sunk her in the etc.

"I will not take you up, the captain then replied
I'll sink you, I'll shoot you, I'll drown you in the tide
I'll drown you in the etc.

So the boy he closed his eyes, and a sigh gave he
And he sank straight down to the bottom of the sea
And he drowned in the etc.

Child #286
note:Clearly an American version, this goes well with a banjo. It's the
first version I ever heard, and I'm not sure who the source was--possibly
Seeger in the 1940s. RG
@sailor @battle @treachery
filename[ VANTYGL6
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