Oh, then I can court little and I can court long,
And I'll court an old sweetheart till the new one comes along.
I'll kiss them and court them; keep their mind at ease,
But when their back is turning I'll court who I please.

At the foot of yon mountain where the fountain do flow,
Where the primrose and daisies in splendour do grow,
'Twas there I spied a fair maid, she's the one I adore,
And to be parted from her 'twould grieve my heart sore.

"Oh, it's Nancy, lovely Nancy, you're the girl I adore.
And to be parted from you. 'twould grieve my heart sore.
Your parients are rich, love. and angry with me,
But if they should part us, it's ruined I'd be."

"Oh, it's Willie, lovely Willie, you're the boy I adore.
And to be parted from you, 'twould grieve my heart sore.
Your looks they do please me, and I'll ask nothing more.
But I will go with You to the green brier shore.'

"Oh, Nancy, lovely Nancy, your parients are rich,
And I've got no fortune. that troubles me much
Your friends and relations. they would mourn for your sake
If you were to leave. them and follow a rake."

"There's a tree in my father's garden, lovely (Willie)" says she,
Where the ladies and gentlemen do wait on me.
And when they are all sleeping and silent at rest
You can come to my arms, you're the boy I love best."

From Penguin Book of Canada Folk Songs, Fowke.
DT #329
Laws M26
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