There was a jolly grinder
Once lived by the River Don,
He worked and sang from morn til nlght,
And sometimes he worked none.

cho: And still the burden of his song for ever used to be:
'Tis never worthwhile to work too long
If it doesn't agree with me!

He seldom on a Monday worked
Except near Christmas Day.
It wasn't the labour that he shunned,
For 'twas easier far than play.


A pale teetotaller chanced to meet
Our grinder one fine day
As he sat at the door with his plpe and glass
And thus to our friend did say:
"You destroy your health and senses too."
Says the grinder, "You're much too free.
Attend to your work, if you've ought to do,
And don't interfere with me."


"There's many like you go sneaking around
Persuading beer drinkers to turn
'Tis easier far on our failings to spout
Than by labour your living to earn,
I work when I like and play when I can
And I envy no man I see,
Such chaps as you won't alter my plan
For I know what agrees with me.

Recorded by Killen, Gallant Lads Are We
Note: Killen places the song as post-1830, in light of the word
"Teetotaler" It's a rewrite of the "Miller of Dee" RG
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