There were two sisters in one bower
Edinburgh, Edinburgh
There were two sisters in one bower
Stirling for aye
Ah, there were two sisters in one bower
And there came a knight to be their wooer
Bonny Saint Johnston stands upon Tay

Oh, he courted the eldest with glove and ring
But he loved the youngest above all things
Oh, the eldest, she was vexed full sore
And sore she envied her sister fair

And as it fell on one morning clear
The eldest came to her sister fair
Oh, sister, oh, sister, won't you walk down
And view the ships all sailing around

Oh, the youngest, she stood on the water's brink
And the eldest came and she pushed her in
Oh, she's took her by the middle so small
And she's broke her bonny back to the jaw

Oh, sister, oh, sister, lend me a hand
And you will be heir to half my lands
Oh, sister, oh, sister, I'll not lend me hand
I'll have your man and your houses and all of your land

Oh, sister, oh, sister, save my life
I swear I shall never be any man's wife
Oh, your cherry cheeks and your yellow hair
Make me go a maiden for ever more

Oh, sometimes she sank and sometimes she swam
Until that she came to the bonny mill dam
Oh, the miller's daughter was baking the bread
And she came out for water as she had need

Oh, father, father, there swims a swan
So now, won't you hasten and draw up your dam
Oh, the miller, he came and he drew up his dam
And there he saw the drowned woman

He laid down on the bank to dry
When the King's own harper, he passed by
Oh, he made a harp of her breastbone
Whose sounds would melt a heart of stone

And the strings he formed of her yellow hair
Whose notes made sad the listening ear
Oh, and he laid the harp down on a stone
And soon it began to play all alone

And the first tune it played was, me father the King
And the second it played was, me mother the Queen
Oh, and yonder stands my brother Hugh
And by him, my William, sweet and true

And the third tune it played was, me false sister Jean
So slyly she pushed me into the stream
Oh, and then up spoke her false sister Jean
Says, we'll pay this harper and have him be gone

Oh, but up then spoke her father the King
Says, we'll have the tune played over again
Well, they built a fire that would burn any stone
And in it they threw her false sister Jean

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