Says my aul' wan to your aul' wan
"Will ye come to the Waxies dargle?"
Says your aul' wan to my aul' wan,
"Sure I haven't got a farthing.
I've just been down to Monto town
To see uncle McArdle
But he wouldn't lend me half a crown
For to go to the Waxies dargle."

Cho: What are ye having, will ye have a pint?
Yes, I'll have a pint with you, sir,
And if one of us doesn't order soon
We'll be thrown out of the boozer.

Says my aul' wan to your aul' wan
"Will ye come to the Galway races?"
Says your aul' wan to my aul' wan,
"With the price of my aul' lad's braces.
I went down to Capel Street
To the Jew man moneylenders
But they wouldn't give me a couple of bob on
My aul' lad's suspenders."

Says my aul' wan to your aul' wan
"We have no beef or mutton
But if we go down to Monto town
We might get a drink for nuttin'"
Here's a piece of good advice
I got from an aul' fishmonger:
"When food is scarce and you see the hearse
You'll know you have died oF hunger.

From Folksongs and Ballads Popular in Ireland, Ossian
Note: Waxies are candlemakers; Waxies Dargle is their annual
excursion to Bray. Tune is Brighton Camp, or Girl I Left Behind
Me. RG
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