(Jerry Rasmussen)

1. Late in the evening, when the sun has gone down
And the work is all over, they head into town
To sit for awhile and to drink a few rounds.
And they won't go home until morning.

The black-dirt farmers from Boscobel
And the rambler boys from Kenosha.
Just pass the guitar and I'll pick you a tune,
And we won't go home until morning.

2. A beat-up old Gibson they keep by the bar,
If you know how to play it, you're welcome to try.
And your bottle looks empty, it's my turn to buy,
And we won't go home until morning.

3. An upright piano, and a guitar or two,
In the fall there's a fiddler, when the harvest is through
So unplug the juke-box, they'll play you a tune,
And we won't go home until morning.

(repeat first verse)

From Jerry's Album The Secret Life of .... Folk-Legacy.
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