(Manly Wade Wellman)

Vandy, Vandy, I've come to court you
Be you rich or be you poor
If you'll give me good attention
I will love you forever more

For I love you and I can't help it, oh yes I do

Vandy, Vandy, here's gold and silver
Vandy, Vandy, here's a house and land
Vandy, Vandy, here's a world of pleasure
It'll be yours at your command

What do I care for your gold and silver
What do I care for your house and land
What do I care for your world of pleasure
All I want is a handsome man

For I love him and I can't help it, oh yes I do

I love a man who's in the army
And he's been gone full seven long year
If he be gone full seven years longer
I won't court no other dear

Wake up, wake up, the dawn is a breaking
Wake up, wake up, it's almost day
Open up your doors and your divers windows
See your true love march away

For I love you and I can't help it, oh yes I do

sometimes sung with chorus of WHEELFOR
filename[ VANDYVAN
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