Caviar comes from the virgin sturgeon,
Virgin sturgeon is a fish.
Virgin sturgeon needs no urgin'
That's why caviar is my dish.

I fed caviar to Louisa,
She's my honey tried and true.
Now Louisa needs no urgin'
I recommend caviar to you.

I fed caviar to my grandpa'
He was a man of ninety-three;
Screams and cries were heard from grandma,
Grandpa had her up a tree.

I put caviar in the punchbowl,
That livened up the party, sure.
What am l doing stripped down naked ?
Thought these girls were sweet and pure.

I fed caviar to my sweetheart,
She always did it cheerfully.
Now she does it with a vengeance,
Oh, my God, it's killing me.

Little Mary went sleigh riding.
And the sled turned upside-down.
Little Mary started singing,
Massa's in the cold, cold ground.

The policeman came to visit one day,
Postman came and went away.
The baby came just nine months later,
Who fired the shot, the blue or the grey ?

Tune: Reuben, Reuben
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