Caviar comes from virgin sturgeon.
A virgin sturgeon's a very fine fish.
Virgin sturgeon need no urgin'--
That's why caviar is my dish!

Have you heard about the Sturgeon,
Russia's source of food supply?
Virgin sturgeon need no urgin'--
And here's the reason why:

Years ago, when we were tadpoles
In pale-o-zoic slime,
No one needed any urgin'
And we all had lots of time.

Later, when the times were changing,
Moral laws became the rule,
Fishes had to curb their ardour
And they couldn't cut the fool.

Time went on and things grew neutral
To the very earthy urge,
And it took a lot of urgin'
To promote a social merge.

But one fish retained its virtue,
Had its frolic all the day.
Virgin sturgeon need no urgin',
And here's how they got that way:

Deep down in the briny waters,
Lived a gal named Sturgeon Lil.
Lil had never thought of mergin'
'Til she met a guy named Bill.

Missed it cuz she needed urgin';
Wasn't ready for the test.
Made a vow that she'd be ready
For the thrill that she loved best.

Bill had set her heart a-thumping
With desire for all that's nice.
Made her warm and very willing
To give in and pay the price.

Now, that's why the Virgin Sturgeon
Always heeds the mating call.
For Virgin Sturgeon need no urgin'--
Ain't love grand? so say we ALL!

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