(Mark Cohen)

CHO: Walkin' on my wheels, walkin' on my wheels
F C D7 G7
People let me tell you just how good it feels
C C7 F
I'll go anywhere if I've got my chair
C Am7 G7 C
Watch me now, I'm walkin' on my wheels

My name is Terry, and I'm nine
Take a look at this amazing chair of mine
Silver and black, and the wheels go round
Just a little push, and I really cover ground (CHO)

Why don't my legs work? I don't know
Something happened to 'em, very long ago
But I work out every day and my arms are strong
They're just the thing for rolling me along (CHO)

Every day when I go to school
I ride in a van that's really cool
The lift takes my chair right down to the floor
Help me with the strap, and I'll race you to the door (CHO)

Wasn't it funny when the substitute teacher
Asked us to name that silly-looking creature?
I raised my hand and she nearly dropped her chalk
She thought I couldn't think, just because I couldn't walk (CHO)

Can you come on over? Ask your folks
We can use the computer or just tell jokes
And later on, I can come to visit you
If your building has a ramp, so my chair can visit too (CHO)

My friend Jack rides a chair like me
But he's really, really old -- I think he's twenty-three
He can shoot a basketball just like Dr. J.
And last week he started teaching me to play! (CHO)

Copyright 1986 Mark Cohen
filename[ WALKWHLS
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