(Leon Rosselson)

Why does it have to be me?
Why can't they just let me be
Why do I have to do things I don't want to do
Why does it have to be me?

Each morning I lie in my bed
Slippery dreams in my head
I live in a fine fairy castle of stone,
All on my own, no-one to moan
Then a voice shouts get up and it isn't a dream
Hurry-up you're late for school and wash your face and brush your
teeth and are your fingers clean
And it goes on and on 'till I'm ready to scream
Why does it have to be me?

Why do I have to eat greens
Cabbage and spinach and beans
I don't mind potatoes, I'll even have meat
Though I'd much rather eat
Ice-cream and sweets
They say greens are good for me, maybe they're right
But sometimes I think that they do it for spite
And I've never seen them eating what they don't like
So why does it have to be me


Now why can't I play my own games
Somebody always complains
Whenever I'm playing at monsters or bears
Jumping off chairs, falling down stairs
It's don't be so noisy, or go out and play
Or look for a book if you're going to stay
But the problem is they always get in my way
So why does it have to be me?

Copyright Leon Rosselson
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