(Kristofferson, Silverstein)

I knew that she belonged to someone else at the time,
But lonesome-lookin' women are a weakness of mine;
And so I bought that stuff about the love he never gave her,
And I figured I would love her some, and do us both a favor.
But just when I got up to leave, he walked in the door
And I guess I thought he'd be surprised.
He looked at me as if to say, "I've been here before"
And he offered me this word to the wise:

cho; You know she's a cheater, son
And you think that you're the one
That's got a lot of what it takes to change her;
I've no doubt that you can get her
You ain't much, but that don't matter
Nothin' suits her better than a stranger.
And the stranger man, the better
And the chances are she'll set her
Eyes on you, the next time she goes slummin'.
So just set back and wait your turn, boy
You got lots of time to learn, boy
Cool it while you can...
'Cause your time's comin'!

It happened that in time it happened just like he said
And sure enough her shoes were sittin' under my bed.
And I'll confess I did my best to prove that man had lied,
But, you know, nothin' short of suicide can keep her satisfied.
Well, losin' her to you was just a matter of time
And it's her time for findin' someone new;
Nothin' I could say is gonna make you change your mind
So I'll just give this same advice to you (two, three, four)


Recorded by Faron Young
@love @infidelity
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