If you listen, a story I'll tell you,
Of a girl who once lived in this land
A girl who once was my sweetheart
She was known as the Blue Velvet Band

On her cheeks was the first flush of nature
Her beauty it seemed to expand,
Her hair hung down in long tresses
Tied back by the Blue Velvet Band

I can still see those tears as we parted
Of my heart broken Blue Velvet Band
As I left her I told her I'd never
come back to my old home again

Five years in the wide open spaces
Was all that my poor heart could stand
Every night as I lay on my pillow
I would dream of my Blue Velvet Band

Then one night as I lay down dreaming
Of home and dear Mother and Dad
Like a flash by my bedside was standing
The form of my Blue Velvet Band

I started the next day for my darling
To go back and make her my bride
But as I reached the old country depot
They told me my sweetheart had died

They laid her to rest in the churchyard
Mid the sweet summer flowers of the land
On her finger was the ring I had bought her
On her head was the Blue Velvet Band

I hope this of use to other people, it seems to be quite a lot like other "The
Blue Velvet Band" Lyrics but I thought it would be
good to submit it to see if others remember the same lyrics. Perhaps there are
a few lyrics missing.
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filename[ BLUEVEL3
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