Whaur has du been a' the day,
Bonnie Tammy, bonnie Tammy?
Whaur has du been a' the day,
Bonnie Tammy Skolla?

At the back o' Staney Hool,
Bonnie Minnie, bonnie Minnie.
At the back o' Staney Hool
Courtin' Betty Baulie.

Saxby Shetland Trad. Lore (1932), 70, summarising the
rest: "The grandmother (Minnie) begins a list of
questions, such as, `What's du goin' to feed her on?'
and Tammy replies, `White bread and mill-gruel.' After
a searching enquiry Granny asks: `Whaurs du goin' to set
her doon?' Tammy's impudent reply, `Inta Minnie's
airmshair,' must have been very disconcerting for
The tune is an adaptation of Highland Laddie.
Cf. ODNR 75 (no. 44), "Where have you been today, Billy, my
son?"; FSJ pt. 19, 117-8; the "serious" ballad of which this
is a reflex is "Lord Randal"; cf. "Bonnie Wee Croodlin Doo."

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