(Michael Smith (c) 1986)

In the dark of moon
There is no light, I'm free
I have no love
To blind my eye for me
Dark of moon is the time for flying
Far below, the world is lying unaware.
My soul is crying, "Vampire."

This is my song,
I love you all.
You are beautiful to me.
Though there's not a one among you who can see
Who among you understands it
Bloody mouths and bloody hands,
That's all you know
But soon you'll know the Vampire.

And it won't be long,
Won't be long before I'm flying
Won't be long before I'm flying
Won't be long before I'm flying

Your life's too short,
And love is gone too soon.
Come with me,
Fly the dark of moon.
The dark of moon.
Life's not life if you must lose it.
Death's not death if you refuse it.
Who can blame you if you choose the Vampire?

Forever young,
Forever young,
Forever young,

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