(Mike and Claire Milner)

Back in good old Transylvania
Many years ago,
The living dead devised a dance
Just to keep their spirits low,
And from the grave 'til the midnight raves
Their remains they dragged,
To be on the ball at the Dracula Hall
For the start of the Vampire Rag.

The Count and all his blood relations
Gathered to proposed a toast:
"Have Peter Cushing break his leg
And the devil take his ghost,"
And with this oath the Count he quoth:
"And now, dear friends, let's rise,
And dance away 'til the break of day
For we need the exorcise."

When the church clock struck thirteen,
The blood began to flow,
And for party games, the guests were split
Into groups A, B and O.
Now, all this fun had scarce begun
When a scream did rend the air.
'Twas only some fool of a loose-looking ghoul
A-necking on the stairs.

Now, gruesome things like all good things
Are never here to stay,
And come the dawn they were all gone,
All safely locked away,
And through the day until the night,
It's there they will remain,
And if you try to find them
It will prove to be in vein.

[The following additional verse is by "Lanfranc."]

At party games, the gruesome guests
Really knew where it was at,
And the vampire's cricket team lined up,
Waiting for their turn to bat.
The barbecue was run by the grue-
Some monster from the lake.
As they all ran out, you could hear him shout,
"How do you like your stakes?"

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