(Kendall Morse and Smokey Green)

If you wanna get in trouble I'll tell you how to do it
Buy an RV, then you're into it.
You fix all day, tinker all night,
Never get the damn thing running right
Always breaking down
Fouled spark plugs, flat tires.
I bought my rig about a year ago
The man said I'd own it in 10 years or so,
Went to my banker and he was soft,
He knew I'd never live to pay it off
Cost me every cent I had,
Every cent I'm ever gonna have.

The fridge worked good when the weather was cold
Then it warmed up, I had four kinds of mold
At 30 degrees the furnace quit
Propane was gone, no place to buy it.
Love this RV ing
I jumped in that rig and headed south
Six miles to the gallon, living hand to mouth
I thought, "Oh well, I can live with this,"
Then the tranny refused to shift.
Some grease ball said it was the bands,
I didn't hear no music, guess he was tone deaf.

I got to Florida just the same
Heard it was warmer back home in Maine,
I hope it warms up for my wife's sake
I told her the weather just had to break
Everything on the RV has
I had a time at the dump station today
I pulled that handle and the hose gave way
Got it all over me and the RV too
When I got done swearing the air was blue.
Couple in the next camper was laughing
Then, the wind changed

I cleaned her up as best I could,
Went in to shower, and clean off the crud
Got all soaped down, went to rinse off
The water heater began to cough
ICE WATER!..never this cold when you want a drink.

I'd like to sell it and get off this kick
But, the payment book's about two foot thick
I'd lose my shirt if I sold it now,
So, I'll keep tinkering, keep her running somehow
Feeling trapped, stupid...
Hey Buddy, wanna buy a camper?

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