She looked out of the window as white as any milk
And he looked in at the window as black as any silk

Hello, hello, hello, hello you coal black smith
You have done me no harm
You never shall have my maidenhead
That I have kept so long
I'd rather die a maid
Ah, but then she said and be buried all in my grave
Than to have such a nasty, husky, dusky, fusky, musky
Coal black smith
A maiden I will die

She became a duck, a duck all on the stream
And he became a waterdog and fetched her back again

She became a star, a star all in the night
And he became a thundercloud and muffled her out of sight

She became a rose, a rose all in the wood
And he became a bumblebee and kissed her where she stood

She became a nun, a nun all dressed in white
And he became a chantry (canting?) priest to pray for her by night

She became a trout, a trout all in the brook
And he became a feathered fly and catched her with his hook

*She became a corpse, a corpse all in the ground
And he became a the cold clay and smothered her all around

*an alternate version of the final verse is:
She became a quilt, a quilt all on her bed
And he became a coverlet, and gained her maidenhead!

*another alternate final verse:
She became a bottle of wine, filled with sparkling red
And he became a big thick cork and gained her...

As recorded by Steeleye Span

Child #44

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