Some idly throughout spend their time,
Not to enjoy their rose in prime,
Let it be early, late or soon,
I will enjoy my rose in June.

The violets make the meadows smell sweet
None with my roses are complete,
Primroses make the meadows look neat,
None with my roses are complete.

Cowslips make the meadows look fair,
None with my roses can compare.
Of every sweet flower that grows,
None can compare to my blooming rose.

"can compete" might usefully be substituted in either verse 2 or 3, but none of
the copies I've seen have it.  
The original, together with several others -all very similar textually- can be
seen at  Bodleian Library
Broadside Ballads.
A midi of John Vincent's tune goes to  The Mudcat Midi Pages;  meanwhile, it can
be heard
via the  South Riding Folk Network  site: The Rose in June

This version was noted by Cecil Sharp from John Vincent (72) at Priddy,
Somerset, 25th April 1906.
The following text is from a broadside printed between 1813 and 1838 by J.
Catnach of 2 "
3, Monmouth Court, Seven Dials:

@love @flower
filename[ JUNEROS3
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