LOWLANDS (minstrel show)

A boy he had an auger
That bored two holes at once (2)
And some were playing cards,
And some were throwing dice,
The boy upset the tea-kettle
And drownded all the mice.

As we sailed along the lowlands, lowlands, lowlands,
As we sailed along the lowlands low.

Oh, Pompey was the greatest man
That ever yet was born (2)
For he could play the banjo.
And on the tambourine,
At rattling of the bones he was
The greatest ever seen.


Cavorting about the Library of Congress, I came across a college songbook
from 1876 (S.C. Andrews, The American College Songster [Ann Arbor, Mich.
Sheehan & Co., 1876], p. 101, as sung at Amherst. Perhaps Bertrand Bronson
was right, and we are fated to mock the songs our parents held most dear. EC

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