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BRAVE COMBO Dance/contradance
Most excellent polka (and everything else) band from Texas. Backed up Tiny Tim on his final recording, covering 'New York, New York' and 'Stairway to Heaven' (!)

Dance Database Dance/contradance
Monsterous, searchable database of events, musicians, callers and more for contra dancers: a sort of family tree of a close knit community. Extensive!

Fiddleheads Homepage Dance/contradance
New Haven's venerable contradance band. A perfect blend of 'all things folk' and a dance-able beat.

Millrace Ceilidh band Dance/contradance
Millrace is an experienced ceilidh & dance band, playing for barn dances, weddings, corporate & other functions, and for dancers at all levels of experience.

Stradivarious Dance/contradance
Live Music for Folk Dances, Country Dances, Barn Dances, Ceilidhs, Scottish Dances, Square Dances, Contra Dances Festivals, Workshops

Wild Asparugus' Home Page Dance/contradance
The Microsoft of contradance music, everyone loves this trio from Greenfield, MA. George, Ann and David (with a couple of ringers) are a 'reel' crowd pleaser.

Folkinfo Discussion Forums
This is a copy of the forum and database, which closed in December 2012.

Library of Congress archive of Discussion Forums
In case Mudcat is down, the Library of Congress has been keeping an archive of the Mudcat Forum.

Mahogany Folk Music Forums Discussion Forums
Online forum for Folk, Indie and Bluegrass music.

The site is now defunct but an archived page from 2012 can be seen at:

(edited by Will Fly)

Music Discussion Discussion Forums
A collection of music discussion forums, covering a wide variety of music.

Summer Camp Songs Blog Discussion Forums
One guy's musings on the songs sung at the camp where he spent many summers. Includes links and lists.

Dirty Linen (folk music magazine) Folk Music Publications

Sing Out! Magazine Folk Music Publications

Sing Out! Magazine Archive Folk Music Publications has articles from back issues of Sing Out! and other publications. Seems to be free of charge, with no strings attached. (Joe Offer)

“America Changed Through Music”: Harry Smith's Anthology of American Folk Music at 60 Folklore
Symposium on the 60th anniversary of the Harry Smith Anthology. UEA London, Saturday 15th September 2012 Website offers plenty to explore

Alan Lomax Website - Association for Cultural Equity Folklore
Great collection of Alan Lomax's work and information about his life. URL for this Website used to be - the new URL doesn't make a lot of sense, but the Website still has very good information on the work of Alan Lomax.
-Joe Offer-

Digital Library Of Appalachia Folklore
The Digital Library of Appalachia provides online access to archival and historical materials related to the culture of the southern and central Appalachian region. The contents of the DLA are drawn from special collections of Appalachian College Association member libraries.

Fife Folklore Archives, Utah State University Folklore
Not much available online right now, but worth watching. It would be worth a trip to Utah to view all the material in this archive.

Folk Music Archives Folklore
Digital interviews of American folk artists, groups & venues of the 50's and 60's with "Voice Clips", Pictures and Archival Information.

Folktexts: A library of folktales, folklore, fairy tales, and mythology Folklore
A very good collection of traditional stories and fairy tales.

In Search of Parlor Songs Folklore
Magazine since 1997 with back issues available online. Irving Berlin, Sea Songs and many subjects have been covered.

Murder by Gaslight: 19th Century American Murders Folklore
Murder by Gaslight is a compendium of information, resources and discussion on notable nineteenth century American murders. Investigate and comment on Lizzie Borden, Stagolee, H. H. Holmes, Mary Rogers, Naomi Wise and others.

Murray McMurray Poultry Husbandry Folklore
Since we have had threads about chix and dux, why not a link? Take their tour!
June, 2001

The Old, Weird America - My exploration of Harry Smith’s Anthology Folklore
With this blog, I want to use Harry Smith's Anthology of American Folk Music as a roadmap to explore American folk music and maybe other countries traditions along the way. I’ll use texts, images, music and videos gathered from my personal collection and from the net to make this work-in-progress enjoyable and educational the best I can. Any suggestions, additional information, comments and critics are welcome…

GigsRemembered - The Global Gig and Event Archive Links
Let's make GigsRemembered the 'Wikipedia' of the live music world. Free and open to all to upload info, reviews, images and/or videos of every gig they've been to or played - EVER!!

Site now defunct but you can see an archived page from 2009 at:

(edited by Will Fly)

The Ballad Tree Links
Essential Links to folk music information online plus articles, CD reviews and MP3s, edited by former guide Hugh Blumenfeld.

Site unobtainable but you can see an archived page from 2011 at:

(edited by Will Fly)

Help: Origins of Carrickfergus Memorable Mudcat Threads
Read as Mudcatters unravel the mystery of the origins of Carrickfergus. Thank you, John Moulden, Henry/Annraoi, and others, for giving us another memorable thread.

Tales of Walt Robertson Memorable Mudcat Threads
Remembrances and stories, first hand accounts of Walt Robertson and folk music in the US.

Threads on the meaning of Folk Memorable Mudcat Threads
This thread has links to many of the discussions on the Mudcat regarding the definition of "folk music", the meaning of the folk process, etc. From what is a folk song to folksong writing for dummies, these are classic serious/humorous Mudcat give-and-take threads.

Threads on the Singing Voice Memorable Mudcat Threads
This thread compiles links to many forum discussions on vocal health, technique, etc. as well as links to other websites with useful information for the singing voice.

Three-chord songs Memorable Mudcat Threads
Mudcat musicians discuss how to transpose to different keys, the primary chords of I, IV, V, the 'circle of fifths', musician's slang in different styles of music, and much more. A very useful thread.

Where is Spancil Hill? Memorable Mudcat Threads
The Mudcat at its best, a question from Montana is answered from Ireland, with the surprising story of the true author of Spancil Hill, Michael Considine. Thank you, Frank McGrath, from Alice Flynn in Montana.

Why We Sing Memorable Mudcat Threads
Stories from Mudcat experiences - just what it says, Why We Sing.

Albert Circus Alchemy Misc
National and International Entertainer. Escapology, Fire-eating etc visit the website.

Albion Magazine Online Misc
Bi-annual small magazine exploring English identity and culture, including trad folk culture, from a liberal perspective. Writers needed...

Banished Words List Misc
A collection of some of the most tedious expressions in the English Language - "Multidisciplinary Current Awareness Product," and much, much more...
(Joe Offer, From Big Daddy)

Edu2/Music2 Links Misc
An extraordinary collection of music links.

Site unobtainable. A snapshot from 2015 can be seen at:

(edited by Will Fly)

Fylde Folk Forum UK Misc
UK Folk Forum Home: Forums for Artist, Gigs, Festivals, Lost Gear, Morris & Clg Dancing, Nostalgia, Internet Folk Radio, Cd Promotion, Reviews - and lots More.

Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names Misc
Before posting any lyrics, use this to verify the spelling of any geographic names. Or use it if you're just curious about where Wolverton Mountain is.

Find out who's buried in GRANT's TOMB? Is Elvis REALLY dead?

Highlander Research and Education Center Misc
Highlander has been active in Appalachia and the South since its founding in 1932 as the Highlander Folk School. Throughout its 69 year history, the Highlander Center has been dedicated to eliminating poverty and winning the right to genuine and meaningful democratic participation for all people.

Ian Gallagher Band Misc
Irish Singer,Irish Band,Irish Music, Celtic Singer,Celtic Band,Celtic Music Ian Gallagher is a performer equally at home singing traditional Irish folk tunes and contemporary music including blues, rock, jazz, country and soul. Though his music is firmly based in Irish tradition, Gallagher is interested in performing all kinds of music. Ian Gallagher has heart and soul deeply rooted in Irish tradition and talent as eclectic and bright as tomorrow.

Site unobtainable. An archived page from 2016 can be seen at:

(edited by Will Fly)

James Berriman's home page Misc
Home page for:
James Berriman and Sue Moffat - guitar and fiddle. MP3's here (click)
Greensward - English Folk/Rock band MP3's here (click)
Off The Wall - UK Blues Band.

LEO - Link Everything Online Misc
This site once had a terrific collection of song lyrics, but that part of the site has been shut down. LEO is still a great resource for help in finding all sorts of other information - but not lyrics.

The new URL reflects the modern site - which deals with dictionaries.

(edited by Will Fly) Misc
Rock memorabilia is big business. tells you pretty much all need to know about buying, selling and collecting it.

Ministry of Rock Misc
Chris Nickson's Guide to British Rock

Music Styles 100 Links: Skiffle Misc
Hello. I have added a link to your skiffle-related site to our skiffle page at You may be interested to know that I started with a list of 600+ potential link sites for this subject, then winnowed those down to the 196 that actually made it onto our page. In addition to broken links, many of the rejected sites simply (in my opinion) provided little or no value to someone interested in skiffle. Congratulations on your site's being among the "valuable 196." Reciprocal links are greatly appreciated but not required! (How could we require it, anyway?!?) Thanks for being there with your web site. Steve Smith Webmaster, Music Styles 100 Links P.S: FYI, our skiffle links page is just the second page in an ambitious project to identify and present at least 100 quality web links for every genre of popular music. We will be adding other genres in rapid succession, from acid rock to zydeco, in the coming weeks.

Site now unobtainable. A snapshot from 2002 can be seen at:

(edited by Will Fly)

Myths, Folklore, Stories- tons of links! Misc
An Annotated & Illustrated Collection of Worldwide Links to Mythologies, Fairy Tales & Folklore, Sacred Arts & Traditions Kathleen Jenks, Ph.D. Mythological Studies Department Pacifica Graduate Institute 249 Lambert Road Carpinteria, CA 93013 I have found this to be an extensive site with many very interesting links from around the world. There is also a thread about it on the Mudcat

Smick and Smodoo's world Misc
Don't be put off by the name of this site. Lots of lovely "oldies but goodies" that are hard to find elsewhere, like Hello My Baby, and Sixteen Tons, also a Folk page & a Country & Western page. H.

Site unobtainable. A snapshot from 2008 can be seen at:

(edited by Will Fly)

The Mudcat Family Album Misc
here is a collection of pictures of, or relating to, many of the people who frequent the Mudcat Café....

Site unobtainable. A snapshot from 2005, containing just 2 photos, can be seen at:

(edited by Will Fly)

World of Wendy Misc
"A Few Of My Favourite Music Links"
Sub-categories include: Bluegrass, Blues, Celtic Jazz, OldTime, Mandolin, Fiddle, Music Info, Music Research, Software, Tabs/Notes.

Mrs. Death's Mega Death Morris Morris Dance
An unoffical Wharfedale Wayzgoose morris dancing site. We dance border morris and are based in Otley West Yorkshire England.

Singleton Cloggers Morris Dance
North West Mixed Morris team based in Singleton, Lancashire, England. (not far from Blackpool - as in Tower!).
Meetings on Monday evening from 8.15pm and then on to the apres clog at 10.00pm ish. Always happy to welcome new members both dancers and musicians also visitors to the area whether members of other dance teams or just interested in clogging. Have a look at the site and see what we've been doing and what we're up to next.

Bluesglass- stained glass of blues legends Mudcat Photos, etc.
hand made stained glass pieces of blues legends like Muddy Waters, Junior Wells, Clapton, Stevie Ray and dozens of others. Each piece is an original. check me out at

Site unobtainable. A snapshot from 2011 can be seen at:

(edited by Will Fly)

Folk Music Photos Mudcat Photos, etc.
A huge collection of original photos of Folk Music artists from around the world. From the 'well known to the 'not so well known, complete with a search facility

Madame Talbot's Victorian Lowbrow Music Prints/Posters/Memorabilia
Madame Talbot's Victorian Lowbrow features the hand-illustrated pen-and-ink artwork of Ashleigh Talbot. Her posters feature skeletons, ghosts, folk legends, hearses, circus sideshow, delta blues, crossroads, graveyards, devils, vampires, witches, mourning, black cats, Lady Luck & good fortune! You can click here to see her very distinctive posters:

The kardboardkid's concert posters Music Prints/Posters/Memorabilia
Original pre 1970 concert posters bought , sold and Traded. Come look at the archive. Highest prices paid for original items.

Yee-Haw Industrial Letterpress Music Prints/Posters/Memorabilia
Yee-Haw Industries specializes in original art-like products--from letterpress posters promoting special events, music acts, and theatre shows to handmade, woodcut, fine art prints. Purchase a unique art print of your favorite musician ranging from Robert Johnson to Wanda Jackson to Buck Owens or have custom-to-order tour merchandise or cd design created specifically for you. In addition to promotional and commemorative posters, Yee-Haw creates letterhead, business cards, press kits, advertisements, wedding invitations, greeting cards, and dodgers. Stop on in when you're in town we've got rotating art shows in our upstairs gallery and studio tours can be arranged by appointment. You won't leave empty-handed. Yee-Haw!

The site closed in 2012. You can see its last web page at:

(edited by Will Fly)

Salut! Live Personal Music Web Sites
Colin Randall, long-time critic and even longer a fan, writes on folk, folk-rock and roots music.

Stories and Songs Personal Music Web Sites
Song explorations by Mudcatter "Voyager"

Wicked Playlist - Music Blog Personal Music Web Sites
The Wicked Playlist is a music blog discussing new music and remembering some classics.

Folk Music on the Radio /thread.cfm?threadid=34448 Radio Stations
A Mudcat thread that lists many radio stations that program folk music

Folk Roots/Folk Branches Radio Stations
Folk Roots/Folk Branches with Mike Regenstreif on CKUT-FM in Montreal and in RealAudio on the Web is Montreal's only broadly-defined folk music radio program. The show is heard Thursday mornings from 9:00-11:30 (eastern time).

FolkScene Radio Stations
Homepage for folk music on the radio & the internet.. FolkScene is a 31 year tradition in broadcasting. A program, which features interviews with the performers, live music & recorded music from America & The British Isles & Ireland

Hober Thinking Radio Radio Stations
Internet Radio--24/7--Folk/Traditional Radio Works on RealAudio What kind of music does Hober play? There are some strict rules governing which music is aired on Hober. The music should be hand played, without augmentation. A Hober band is people who could walk up to each other with their instruments in the middle of a field and just play their stuff. Drums should be struck by the hand rather than a stick. Hober songs should be musical descendant of melodies and rhythms which people knew, remembered and passed down - before recording machines existed. Luckily, rules are meant to be broken as you can plainly hear on Hober.

KALW San Francisco - Folk Music and Beyond Radio Stations
A variety of folk music resources.

WFDU broadcasts from Teaneck NJ to the metro NY NJ CT area at 89.1 freq. On the web streaming at TRADITIONS airs Sundays( 3-6 PM ET) and is an eclectic mix of traditional, roots, and its evolution to the current time. It is topical, thematic, and features interviews with people in the area of folk in interests. It is co-hosted and produced by Ron Olesko and Bill Hahn. You can reach us by e mail: wfdutraditions@aol. com or

WPSU FM (Penn State Public Radio) Radio Stations
Max hosts The Blues.

Arizona Irish Music Society Societies
Everything about Irish music in Arizona including Irish music lyrics directory created by Joe Bethancourt.

Barbershop Harmony Society, formerly Society for the Preservation and Enhancement of Barbershop Quartet Singing in America Societies
Just like the title says. Everything Barbershop, including a library of barbershop sheet music for sale. No longer the SPEBSQSA, and no longer in Kenosha, Wisconsin. See this Barbershop History page.

Bucks County Folk Song Society (BCFSS) Societies
Meets monthly in Wrightstown, Pennsylvania (near Philadelphia), in USA, for a member performance or circle, followed by jamming. Friendly group welcomes new members. Members can volunteer for club-related public performances including annual concert. Website has extensive FOLK LINKS page (artists, organizations, reference sources, events, media, instruments, more) plus AREA VENUES page.

Dulci-More: Folk and Traditional Musicians Societies
Information on two monthly meetings of a club centered in Salem, Ohio and on yearly Memorial Day Dulci-More Festival .

English Folk Dance & Song Society Societies
The EFDSS publishes CDs, books, English Dance & Song magazine, the Folk Music Journal, and Root Source (ex Folk Directory). It also maintains a library in London and serves as the venue for concerts, dances, workshops, and a folk club.

Friends of Florida Folk Societies
Best source for information folk music in Florida, and those who perform it.

MusicTrad Societies
A 'magazine' that conducts research and provides articles on traditional music, dance etc...seems to have some very well known members...

Philadelphia Folksong Society Societies
Sponsors of the Philly Folk Fest and many other events. Check to see who's appearing at the free (to members) monthly concert meeting.

trac: folk development organisation for Wales Societies
The strategic development agency for Welsh traditonal music: runs community projects and courses; provides advice and research; advocate for folk, trad and community music within government and NGOs.

alt.folklore.urban and Urban Legends Home Page Storytelling and Poetry
Lots of strange stories, and all completely true because I heard them from my brother-in-law's uncle's ex-wife...

April Halprin Wayland's award-winning Poetry & Picture book Pond (and stuff about the Santa Monica Traditional Folk Music Club, too!) Storytelling and Poetry
Children's author' site--print out text of three published stories, a poem, and lots and lots of language arts activities--or order the award-winning storytelling tape! It's a fun site!

Bilingual Children's Books Storytelling and Poetry
Discover unique ways to experience the world around you through High Desert Productions' bilingual children's books. While learning a second language, children as well as adults will also enjoy learning about science, nature, the rich Cuban culture and the fascinating medieval period through historical fiction.

Jack Beck and Wendy Welch Storytelling and Poetry
A Scottish based couple (he is Scots, she is American)who are at the forefront of traditional song and storytelling in Scotland

Mike Miller "Full Contact Storyteller!" Storytelling and Poetry
He's more than a storyteller...he's an adventure!

Representative Poetry On-line Storytelling and Poetry
A huge collection of poetry, including four good ones from Robert W. Service and lots from more literate poets. (Joe Offer)

School of Scottish studies. Storytelling and Poetry
A collection of stories and ballads, in Scots, Scots English and Gaelic. Sound files with texts.

The Kipling Society Storytelling and Poetry
Includes a fascinating reader's guide to Kiplings stories and poems.

Folk Music Web Ring Web Rings
This Folk Music Web Ring includes sites in Canada, Us, Eire, France and the component parts of the United Kingdom. Sites include Artists, venues and Journal type sites.

Links: Miscellaneous