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Concertina and accordion Accordion Family
The "Button Box" sells and repairs old high end Anglo and English concertinas and manufactures great new instruments at a mid range price!. They also sell and repair Botton and Piano Accordions . Their shop is in Amherst Mass. Accordion Family
Mainly Anglo Concertina and Irish music based, but a good start point for all concertina and squeeze box searching.

The Concertina FAQ Accordion Family
Everything you ever wanted to know about the concertina (English, anglo or duet) and probably a bit more besides!

Evoharp Autoharp & Zither
Custom autoharp designed by Evo Bluestein.

Oscar Schmidt Autoharps Autoharp & Zither
OS is now owned by Washburn and Washburn Guitars can also be accessed from this site. There are other autoharps, but Schmidt's still are the main ones out there........Spaw

American Banjo Makers - Civil War to WWII Banjo
A listing of makers from the Civil War to WWII with dates of manufacture......MK

Banjo Hangout Banjo
Everything banjo - instruction, players, etc.

Banjo Newsletter Banjo
American's Premiere 5 string Banjo Magazine........MK

Deering Banjos Banjo
Fine maker and and excellent website. Deering is one of the most repected banjos around.....or is that an oxymoron?....Spaw

Wildwood Banjos Banjo
Nice banjos (another oxymoron?) that cover a wide range of styles and prices. Several very popular models........Spaw

Site "temporarily unavailable" as from 2018. To see an archived copy, go to:

(edited by Will Fly)

Bear Meadow Appalachian Dulcimers Dulcimers
Premier mountain dulcimers. Also featuring poetry and history about the dulcimer, and a vast amount of illustrated information on how Dwain Wilder builds dulcimers.

Dulcimers, Appalachian and Hammered Dulcimers
A great site for dulcimer players. Has tabs, club info and some free stuff as well! Too much to list, go see!

The site owner, Bruce, has now retired. (edited by Will Fly)

Sweet Music Index Dulcimers
A rich compendium of information about the Appalachian dulcimer. History, music, playing techniques, alternate tunings, care and maintenance of instruments, etc. Written by some of the foremost players and teachers of the mountain dulcimer.

Acoustic Guitarists' Annotated Guide to the Internet General Instruments
Lots of guitar nurd stuff in here. Includes technique, technology, on-line music and more! (UB Ed)

Chiff & Fipple: The Poststructural Internet Tinwhistle General Instruments
The ultimate tinwhistle/pennywhistle/low whistle Internet source. A huge website, active message board, and semi-regular email newsletter by Dale Wisely, who Dale Wisely has called "The Undisputed King of Tinwhistle Internet Journalism"

Folk Instrument makers and manufacturers of the world General Instruments
A directory of Folk Instrument makers and manufacturers of the world

Great Musical Instruments - Strings, Woodwinds, Brass, Drums, Guitars General Instruments
Our site was created to provide affordable quality musical instruments at great prices for the beginner/intermediate musician. We are dedicated to offering great choices to add joy to your musical journey. All of our products have been carefully selected for excellence in craftsmanship, design, and quality of sound, because we understand the importance of these attributes in making fine music. Free Shipping within continental US and Discounted Internationally.

Judicael Strings General Instruments
Judicael Strings are traditional hand makers, repairers and dealers of violins, electric violins and guitars - located in the historic Piece Hall of Halifax in Pennine West Yorkshire

The Art of Inlay General Instruments
Everything you could ever want to know about how to do inlay work on stringed instruments. (JP)

The Horniman Museum, London, UK General Instruments
The Horniman Museum's collection of musical instruments, including 'Free Reed Aerophons' : 'Squeeze Boxes' to the likes of people here. If you are trying to indentify a strange squeeze box there are lots of small photos here to help you.

Dennis Havlena's Page General String Inst. Repair
Information on do-it-yourself instruments, link to other sites. Jeri

Luthiers Mercantile International General String Inst. Repair
Possibly the most complete supplier of everything for stringed instrument builders. All types of tonewoods, glues, abalone, parts, tools, instructional materials, name it. Their catalog is expensive to order, but it is far more than a catalog, its a reference book. They are suppliers to many small luthiers building truly handcrafted instruments and also have a complete training school offered in their California home. They are also very conscious of depleting supplies of exotic woods and have led with the supply of many non-traditional species for instrument use. Great company......Spaw

National Association of Musical Instrument Repairers (UK) General String Inst. Repair
Apparently a serious group. JohninKansas

The Musical Instrument Maker's Forum General String Inst. Repair
Includes a discussion forum, bookstore, tool store and links. (Note: Sub-pages of this are listed below for "Martin Guitars - DIMENSIONS.") Jeri

Dusty String Instruments General String Instruments
Starting with Hammered Dulcimers and on to harps and still moving on. They build very nice instruments and are lovers of the same. The site is still growing as they are! Good stuff...Good people.......Spaw

Folk of the Wood Music Store General String Instruments
An online store (and a real one too!) in New Mexico. They specialize in reasonably priced acoustic instruments outside of guitars (although they have those too). A very detailed site that also includes sound clips of various instruments. Many solid brands (Kentucky Mandolins for example) and good shipping setup. Dulcimers, mandos, fiddles, etc.........Spaw

Site now gone. To see an archived page from 2011, go to:

(edited by Will Fly)

Halshaw Music General String Instruments
Ex-All Irish Champion. Sully's excellent range of banjos, parts, and mandolin family instruments by John Hullah. Books and tapes too.......JonF/Spaw

Musical Playgrounds: All About Fiddling General String Instruments
Submitted by Julie, a Girl Scout working on her Junior Musician badge. Julie's mom says: "It covers the origins and history of the fiddle, teaches you how the instrument is made, and even has a fantastic selection of fiddle lessons, songs and online practice guides. Julie was very excited to share it with you! She thought you and your visitors would enjoy it!"

157 Guitar Tips Online Guitar

8,000,000 (million) guitar chords Guitar
Online programs for finding chords and chord names, for guitar, piano, bass, ukulele, mandolin, banjo and more.

Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Guitar
Site dedicated to all types of fingerstyle guitar. You'll find high quality Fingerstyle TAB and MIDI in the Blues, Jazz, Celtic, and Contemporary styles. There is also tutorials, forums, and book/video/software reviews. If you like fingerstyle guitar, you'll love this site.

All Guitar Chords Guitar
Chord finder, including split chords and chord variations. Also features standard and exotic guitar scales.

Antique Vintage Guitar Collecting Guitar
Everything you ever wanted to know about vintage Martin, Gibson and many more.......MK

Blues Guitar, Progressions, Theory etc Guitar
A series of lessons on blues guitar, music theory, chord progressions etc

Breedlove Guitars Guitar
Great tone and playability and quality beyond reproach. Breedloves have a very distinctive appearance which seems to be one you either love or hate, but at least it doesn't resemble a Martin. Nothing wrong with that, but the distinctive quality carries over into the bracing and shapes too. Great stuff, even if you hate the way they look..........Spaw

Brook Guitars, UK Guitar
Custom Made in the UK in the heart of the West Country. Brook have been handcrafting acoustic guitars in their workshop for the last twenty years and have gained a reputation for exceptional value and quality.

C. Fox Guitars Guitar
Performance Quality Instruments.....MK

C.F. Martin Guitar Co. Guitar
Martin's online catalog. What is there to say? Unless you were perhaps born under a rock. Nice pix. Screensavers too.....Spaw

Chord Finder Guitar
This site was taken down in 2005. Use the Wayback Machine to see the site at that time, use the following URL:

(edited by Will Fly)

Classical and Classical Electric Guitars, Flamenco Guitars, Guitars and Accessories from Spain Guitar
Buy Classical and Classical Electric Guitars, Flamenco Guitars, Guitars & Accessories from Spain by Guitars from Spain, Inc.

Collings Guitars Guitar
Some would argue its the best high line guitar going. Outstanding tone, fit, finish, and playability. Big bucks, but absolutely top line guitars.........Spaw

Dana Bourgeois Guitar
Yep.......he's reorganized and still very much in the business of making some very fine guitars........MK

Dreadnaughtilus Guitars Guitar
Dreadnautilus guitars are manufactured by Fred Carlson - info at the Beyond The Trees website.

Ed Roman's World Class Guitars Guitar
Ed or one of the custom luthiers in his coalition will build you a really cool electric guitar, sometimes for less than what you'd pay for a Les Paul off the rack. He also carries the name brands. He's a collector, and has lots of pictures of vintage and unusual guitars. Lots of info on woods, necks, and opinionated comment on guitar construction from Ed himself (including an explanation of the relatively rare set-thru-body method of attaching neck and body). Located in Connecticut, a few minutes' drive from NYC. GUEST

Epiphone Guitars Guitar
Yeah, they ain't what they used to be we all know, but they are still a nice instrument at a very affordable price. Nice site here too.....Spaw

Fingerstyle Guitar Resource Center Guitar
Primarily focused on the "Kentucky Thumbpicking" or "Muhlenburg Sound" played by Kennedy Jones, Mose Rager, Ike Everly, Merle Travis, Chet Atkins, Tommy Flint, and many others. The site includes instructional material as well as a huge collection of carefullly transcribed tabs for some the the best known tunes played in the Thumbpicking style. The site also includes some bluegrass and country tabs including some 5-string banjo.

Frank Ford Instrument Care &Repair ( Guitar
Simply a fantastic resource for anyone trying to do some repairs themselves and wanting to provide the best of care for their instrument. Frank Ford is a superb luthier (Gryphon is linked from this site) and his advice is well written and illustrated. If you have a question, this is the first place to go....Spaw

Free online guitar lessons Guitar
Learn how to play the guitar online for free. Learn tuning, tabs, chords, easy songs and riffs, guitar notes and much more.

This domain is now for sale and the site has gone down. To see it in March 2018, go to:

(edited by Will Fly)

Fylde Guitars Guitar
A very popular UK based guitar company. Excellent instruments with a lot of thought put into their application and sound. Also mandolin family instuments........JonF/Spaw

Gallagher Guitars Guitar
Well...Doc Watson plays 'em........What else need be said? Exceptionally beautiful instruments and a wonderfully historic and informative site..........Spaw

Garrison Guitars Guitar
guitars with a special plastic internal bracing, making them cheaper to produce. This thread talks about them. Grab

Gibson Guitars Guitar
A venerable old name in guitars, banjos, and mandolins. Nice website with good pix and frequently updated. Like Martin, unless you were born under a rock, what else can I say?....Spaw

Godin Guitars Guitar

Goodall Guitars Guitar
Excellent guitars that generally rank among the most desired. Several 'Catters swear by theirs and the company reputation is superior.........Spaw

Greven Guitars Guitar
John Greven of Portland, Oregon is making some damn fine instruments these days......MK

Gruhn Guitars Home Page Guitar
George Gruhn has almost literally written the book on Vintage pricing. Located in Nashville, this is always a great place to check-in occasionally. Sells new vintage and often has some "Opry" star instruments. Be forewarned though, they know exactly what things are worth.....Spaw

Guild Guitars Guitar
Guild is still making fine, solid, and very durable, beautiful instruments after several corporate changes. Their 12's are still considered to be one of the best going and almost a benchmark. Nice site and lots of great information.....Spaw

Guitar Gallery (Nashville) Guitar
Fine new and vintage stringed instruments, representing some of the best and leading edge luthiers.......MK

Guitar Mall Online Guitar
This database covers hundreds of dealers throughout the US. Use the search engine to locate a guitar by make,model,and year. A fun site to hang around. Lots of dealer listings.......Spaw

Guitar Man Acoustic Guitar Tips Guitar
Includes many tips on guitar maintenance

Handmade vs. Factory made Guitars Guitar
Great article by Erwin Somogyi about the differences and advantages.........MK

Article no longer available from current site, but can be seen as a 2016 entry in the Wayback Machine at:

(edited by Will Fly)

Ian Chisholm Guitars (UK) Guitar
Ian Chisholm has been making guitars and other stringed instruments for over 50 years and is based in Ditchling in East Sussex.

Kiesel Guitars (was Carvin Custom Guitars) Guitar
Carvin Guitars are now manufactured as part of the Kiesel Guitar Company's output.

(Will Fly)

Lakewood Guitars Guitar
German builder of extremely high quality instruments. Not as popular as some, but only because they aren't distributed as thoroughly. Nice and informative site with a good history and lots of background and pictures...........Spaw. See also Mooman's post below about Lakewoods.

Larrivee Guitars Guitar
Home page for these fine Canadian made guitars and some excellent reading material too. Jean Larrivee is a most respected luthier and his guitars are both original in structural design and of very high quality......Spaw

Loose bits Guitar
Excellent article on the causes of string buzzes........ JP

No longer available at the current URL - to see it, go to:

(edited by Will Fly)

Making a Martin Bridge Guitar
Good article.....MK No longer available at the current UR. To see it from a 2018 entry, go to:

(edited by Will Fly)

Mandolin Brothers Guitar
Located in Manhattan, Mandolin Bros. is an old and well respected music store for folk instruments, Vintage and New. Very helpful staff and superb inventory. Another "must check" place. Also a great selection of strings and other gear.....Spaw

Martin Guitars - DIMENSIONS Guitar
Want to know the difference in makes, models and scales of various Martins? (Well there might be 2 or 3 people here who would.) Here you go then.....(MK)

No longer available at the current URL. To see a record from 2011, go to:

(edited by Will Fly)

Michael Dunn Guitars Guitar
Superb Django/Selmer influenced guitars......MK Guitar
Named for Chet Atkins' well-known moniker, the site includes material and links for fingerstyle guitarists that would be hard to find anywhere else.

Molonator Guitars Guitar
Custom electric resonator guitars & parts

National Reso-Phonic Guitars Guitar
"The Mississippi delta was shining like a National Guitar"......Here's their website. Another good site even if you're just looking for historical info!......Spaw

Oskar Graf Guitar Workshop Guitar

Ovation, Takamine Guitars--Kamen Corp. Guitar
Home page for Ovation, Takamine, Hamer, and Applause guitars. Kind of glitzy, but what do you expect? Good info though on ID'ing years, etc. .....Spaw

Pimentel Guitars - Handcrafted Heaven Guitar
Pimentel guitars are each handcrafted in Albuquerque, New Mexico by Lorenzo Pimentel and his sons. Stunning in appearance and beautiful to listen to, models are available from classical (nylon strings) to 12 string to jazz fusion. Prices start at about $1,200 but vary widely as you choose the wood, the design, any special features, etc. If you want the best you have to check out my friends at Pimentel. These are amazing instruments! ...Freightdawg.

Santa Cruz Guitars Guitar
Nothing shabby here. another of the high liners with an outstanding reputation........Spaw

Seagull Guitars Guitar

Serious Acoustics Guitar
High end newer and vintage acoustics and electrics.......MK

Last web page is from 2005. To see it, go to:

(edited by Will Fly)

Simon + Patrick Guitars Guitar
Canadian-made, affordable instruments which are comparable to Seagulls, Normans, etc.......MK

Sinomusik handmade guitar maker and exporter from China Guitar
Our factory has built a stellar reputation in the market, because of the high quality handcrafting and varnishing applications that result in superior fidelity. We maintain a strict quality inspection system ! all processes are finished by handcraft. Always! Our guitar selection includes classical guitars, flamenco guitars, smallman guitars, 12-string guitars, parlor guitars, gypsy guitar,acoustic guitars, taylor guitars, hawaiian guitars,lap steel, resonator guitars, bass guitars and electrical guitars

Sobell Guitars and Mandolins Guitar
Excellent UK based luthier, Stefan Sobell offers high quality guitars and mandolin family instruments. Like many others, a lot of great info found here, not to mention great instruments.......JonF/Spaw

Stella Guitars Guitar
Pre-war Stellas like Leadbelly's (not the post-war doorstops) Rolfyboy6

Stewart-MacDonald Guitar Shop Supply Guitar
Stew-Mac is a supplier of all types of string repair parts located in Athens, Ohio. Also have a great assortment of books and tapes on everything repair related! Get on their mailing list. The online is not extensive, but their catalog is great!......Spaw

Subway Guitars Guitar
Home of the weird and cheap on the net. Old instruments from the 50s and 60s--only with the necks reset and the actions fixed. Definitely not for the precious. Where to get a Harmony Sovereign or a Kay or old Danelectro. Rolfyboy6

Tacoma Guitars Guitar
Up and coming with many models. Worth a look at the very least. Tacomas keep popping up in lots of places......Spaw

Taylor Guitars Guitar
A major player in the guitar business, Taylor has gained wide respect and is often seen in abundance on the road circuit. Lots of big name artists (like Marion) playing Taylor nowadays. Lots of models and lots of quality. Tough combination to beat.....Spaw

Texas Fingerstyle Guitar Association Guitar
One of several Thumbpickers groups organized by US state. This one (TFGA) also hosts an excellent PalTalk jam session nearly every night. Even if you don't play this style, you can hear some very good players by logging into their PalTalk jam session.

The Acoustic Guitar Store Guitar
The Largest Selection of Handmade Guitars & Mandolins in the Country. Canada's largest dealer for Calton Cases.

The Twelfth Fret Guitar
The best vintage guitar shop in Toronto, Canada.....MK

The Un-Official Martin Guitar Forum Guitar
EVERYTHING related to Martin Guitars. The ultimate Martin guitar-nerd hangout with every conceivable topic related to Martins. Occasional contributions from Frank Ford of and also Dick Boak of the C.F. Martin Guitar Company......(JP)

Vintage Instruments Guitar
Another nice selection of quality vintage acoustics, mandolins and more.......MK

Washburn Guitars Guitar
The old gray mare she ain't what she used to be...but she ain't too bad either. Affordable instruments and like Epiphone and Sigma, not a bad choice at all. They also own Oscar Schmidt Autoharps which you can access from here as well.......Spaw

Wildwood Music Guitar
Located in the restored Ohio Canal town of Roscoe Village (Coshocton), Ohio, FOLK is definitely spoken here. High quality lines and as they say "comfortable" pricing on guitars, dulcimers, mandos, banjos,etc.....a real "folkies paradise" in the Lockkeepers house. Nice people & worth a visit!........Spaw

Yamaha Guitars Guitar
The always surprising Yamaha. Nice instruments that rival many of the big boys for sound and finish. I don't recall ever hearing a bad comment around here regarding them......Spaw

The World's finest harmonicas. Sales, service, specialist tuning and refinements, celebrity clientele and custom harmonicas - Genevieve Chromatic and the Dannecker Blues Harp.

Harmonica Holder Harmonica
A harmonica holder for a violin-- really and A boom stand Harmonica Holder Proudly made in USA

The World's finest harmonicas. Sales, service, specialist tuning and refinement and custom harmonicas - Genevieve Chromatic and the Dannecker Blues Harp.

Harp City Blues Harmonica
Blues Harmonica played like Not many people play now. Pete Fox Is a Strong Harmonica Player and has three out of 14 of his songs on MP3 for you to down load . Listen and see if you Know anyone playing Harp like this Now. Vintage Harmonicas also on site,Pictures of Muddy Waters also and good Blues Links.

Harp Tab - Blues Harmonica Harmonica
This website has tab for harmonica, plus lots and lots of lyrics for blues songs.

Site no longer available. To see an archived page from 2008, go to:

(edited by Will Fly)

Irish and Scottish Harmonica Harmonica
Listing of Irish/Scottish/other harmonica players and their discographies

Modern Blues Harmonica Harmonica
A website for blues harmonica players and students, featuring video tutorials and tab sheets for instant download. Hosted by Adam Gussow of Satan and Adam. The focus is on classic and contemporary repertoire by players such as Little Walter, Sonny Boy Williamson, Big Walter Horton, Paul Butterfield, Sonny Terry, etc.

Stephen C. Foster's Songs for the Harmonica Harmonica
Hey, we all learned "O Susannah" as our first song on the harmonica. Now we can learn all those other wonderful Stephen C. Foster tunes.

Folk Music Instruments Instruments Links
Collection of links dealing with specific instruments. JohnInKansas

Site no longer available. An archived page from 2013 is available at:

(edited by Will Fly)

Instrument Wire Instruments Links
Used guitars and musical instrument classifieds.

Musical Saw - Free Tutorial Instruments Links
Master the saw in a week with this free tutorial. Musical Saws, Bows, Instructional Videos, Musical Saw CD's, etc.

100 Kazooz in My Pocket Kazoo
How to make a very easy very small kazoo. Search for other kazoos - they have several.

Association of American Kazoologists Kazoo
A group for people interested in learning more of all sorts of things about kazoos. All kinds of info about kazoos. Just starting putting stuff up, but soon to have more information about kazoos than most people would ever want to know about.

Aswewohomestead Kazoo
Includes a recording of their song "DON'T BE KAZOOLESS" and a lot of other stuff.

Boowakwala.uptoten Kazoo
A slightly different cardboard tube kazoo

Boyslife---How to make a wooden kazoo Kazoo
How to make a wooden kazoo

Captain Kazooz Kazoo Museum Kazoo
All kinds of stuff about kazoos

Clothes Pin Kazoo Kazoo

Foil Membrane Kazoo Kazoo

Gamitadera in South America Kazoo
In Spanish

Site no longer available. To see an archived page from 2013, go to:

(edited by Will Fly)

Harmonica and Kazoo Combined Kazoo
How to make a combination Harmonica and Kazoo

How a Kazoo makes Sounds Kazoo
A science fair project for you to do.

Jamboree Freedom in Education Kazoo
Make a kazoo from an elder branch or bamboo

Silver Bush Music World - Musical Instruments From Around the World Kazoo
I guess they are using "bush' in a wider sense of relating to primitive or improvised instruments worldwide .... borrowing the South African usage just as we did. They sell instruments and school kits for all sorts of folk instruments - including lagerphones! Bob Bolton

Site no longer available. To see an archived page from 2006, go to:

(Will Fly)

The Bodhran Page Kazoo
All encompassing Bodhran resource. If you can't find it here, give up. gnu

The Great Aswego Kazoo Factory Blogspot Kazoo
All about the kazoos The Old Kazoo Maker makes.

Page no longer available. To see an archived page from 2013, go to:

(Will Fly)

Tubular Gamitadera with membrane Kazoo
Some experiments and analysis of simple mirlitons.

Site no longer available. To see an archived page from 2017, go to:

(Will Fly)

What a Kazoo! Kazoo
How to make a cardboard tube kazoo and simple explanation of why it amplifies your voice.

Site no longer available. To see an archived page from 2011, go to:

(Will Fly)

Mandolin Cafe Mandolin
On-line resources for the mandolinist (and players of other GDAE instruments). Large, and growing, tab collection

Mandolin Central Mandolin
Based in Siler City, NC this company offers a selection of very fine new and vintage instruments from the mandolin family..........MK

Mandozine Mandolin
"MandoZine is intended as a resource for those who are just starting out, the more advanced players that are always ready to help the beginners, and those who don't play, but love the music." Jeri

The Big Muddy Mandolin company Mandolin
Solid woods, solid construction, affordable prices.....Mid-Missouri Mandolins are getting good reviews. They found a niche and filled it well.........Spaw

The company went out of business for financial/legal reasons in 2006 and reformed as The Big Muddy Mandolin Company.

(edited by Will Fly)

Weber Mandolins Mandolin
A link to the luthiers that made Gibson mandolins for the last decade. ......MK

Alden and Cali Hackmann's Hurdy-gurdy Site Misc. Instruments
John P.

American Nyckelharpa Association Misc. Instruments
John P.

Ancestral Instruments Misc. Instruments
Reeds and strings from the Romans to the Renaissance. Great photos and sound files. David Marshall has been quite cordial via e-mail. Where else can you find a bagged shawm fitted with a pig's bladder? Well worth a visit…. Dave Swan

Chiff and Fipple Misc. Instruments
"The ultimate guide to the instrument known as the tinwhistle, pennywhistle, Irish whistle, or just plain whistle. You will find more information here than any reasonable person would want." Jeri

Goodacre Bagpipes Misc. Instruments
The work of Julian Goodacre, pipe maker and one third of the Goodacre Brothers bagpipe trio. Highly playable pipes, English and Scottish. Julian is friendly, witty and helpful in selecting just the right set of pipes for your needs. Dave Swan

International Washboard Festival Misc. Instruments

Kiwicelt Wooden Flutes. Misc. Instruments
Kiwicelt Wooden Flutes is dedicated to the promotion and sales of the traditional Irish flutes of Martin Doyle of Co. Wicklow in Ireland. A line of these beautiful instruments is made from native New Zealand timbers. The Kiwicelt website also has resource and inspirational aspects. Come look us up! `

The site is no longer available. To see an archived page from 2005, go to:

(edited by Will Fly)

Northumbrian Pipers Society Misc. Instruments
This site promotes the indigenous bagpipes of the North-East of England - the Northumbrian Smallpipes. Over the past 70 years, the Smallpipes have achieved great popularity, both in their home region, and around the world. The Northumbrian Piper's society has a membership of over 600 members worldwide, most of whom own a set of Northumbrian Smallpipes.

(edited by Will Fly)

Elderly Instruments Purchase
A fine and well respected music store in Lansing, Michigan. Excellent prices, top brands, huge inventory, Vintage and New. Great selection of gear and books/CD's too. Always worth checking when you're shopping. Friendly and knowledgable phone staff....Spaw

First Quality Musical Supplies Purchase
A good folk-oriented, instrument and musical supply house with knowledgable staff and excellent sale prices. Claymore

House of Musical Traditions Purchase
Located in Takoma Park, Maryland (U.S.), HMT has an amazing assortment of acoustic instruments from around the world. Their web site is an excellent resource for anyone who is interested in traditional and/or folk music of all varieties.

Lark In The Morning Purchase
Located in Takoma Park, Maryland (U.S.), LITM has an amazing assortment of accoustic instruments from around the world. Their web site is an excellent resource for anyone who is interested in traditional and/or folk music of all varieties.

The Music Room Purchase
This is a traditional instrument(accordion bouzouki etc) shop based in Yorkshire UK. John in Hull.

Site no longer available. For a snapshot from 2007, go to:

(edited by Will Fly)

Bob Gollihur's Double Bass Links Page Violin Family

RainBows Fiddlebows Violin Family
Quality fiberglass, composite or wood bows with brightly colored premium stallion horsehair which can be dyed in up to three colors. Color you bow to match your outfit or show you heritage with the colors of your flag.

Site no longer available. For a snapshot from 2012 go to:

(edited by Will Fly)

Shar Products Company - Shar Music Violin Family
Shar is the recognized market leader in North America as a supplier of violin family instruments, bows, sheet music, cases, strings and accessories. Customers regularly order from all states/provinces, as well as over 60 countries. In addition to mail order and retail facilities located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Shar serves the Canadian market from its Toronto, Ontario facilities. Sorcha

Southwest Strings Violin Family
Another Violin family site, with instruments,cases, gig bags, accessories, etc. Really inexpensive strings for all viol family and free shipping for strings only. Sorcha

The Fiddler's Companion Violin Family
An annotated encyclopedia of fiddle tunes from North America and the British Isles, containing source information, annecdoes and histories; many with tunes in abc format. Older version available at

Links: Instruments