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Record Companies
Recordings By Mudcatters

Big Canoe Records Record Companies
Acoustic music, original and traditional

CD Distribution Record Companies

Claddagh Records Record Companies
Irish Music CDs & DVDs - Worldwide Delivery

Elektra/Asylum Discography Record Companies
Take a look at all the great folk music here. Why hasn't it been reissued?
-Joe Offer-

Fat Sam Music Record Companies
Fat Sam Music is a local recording and music reproduction service aimed primarily at the local singer/songwriter, musician, small band and similar acts. We have a totally digital studio using top quality digital gear delivering the utmost quality, with all the usual outboard vocal and instrumental effects.

We also do small run CD/DVD duplication (from just 25 units upwards), all at sensible prices.

See website for recent recordings, pricing etc.

Foot Stompin' Records Record Companies
The label for the bright young stars of Scottish traditional music.

Global Electronic Music Marketplace Record Companies
Looking for vinyl records? CDs? Posters? Any music collectibles? Visit

Site unobtainable. An archived page from 2015 can be seen at:

(edited by Will Fly)

Irish Country Music Record Companies
Irish Country Music is a musical subgenre in Ireland formed by mixing country style music with Irish influences. It is especially popular in the rural Midlands and North-West of the country, but less so in urban areas or in the South-West where more traditional Irish music is favoured. It also remains popular among Irish emigrants in Britain, particularly among the older generation.

Maggie's Music- from the deep well of our ancient folk traditions Record Companies
Maggie's Music, located on the shores of the Cheasapeake Bay in Maryland,(USA), distributes Celtic, Holiday, Kids, Early Music/Folk CDs and music books through retail, wholesale and website.Includes: Bonnie Rideout, Scottish fiddle; City of Washington Pipe Band, Ceoltoiri Celtic Ensemble, Hesperus, Ensemble Galilei, Karen Ashbrook, Al Petteway, Robin Bullock, Maggie Sansone, hammered dulcimer and more.

MusicStack Record Companies
VINYL RECORDS AND CD MARKETPLACE LPs, 45s, CDs and out of print music from record stores worldwide.

Ossian USA Record Companies
Good source for Irish recordings, including recordings by Frank Harte.

PacificSol Music and Entertainment Label Record Companies
A Northern California label featuring new, original Blues, Rock and R&B artists.

Sage Arts Records Record Companies
Sage Arts Records- Home of Great Folk, Celtic and Traditional Music including: Marley's Ghost, Boys of the Lough,Hank Bradley, Danny Wheetman, Jon Wilcox,Rincon Ramblers,Strangers With Candy,Rodney Miller Band, David West, Sandy Bradley, Lorin Grean,Christy O'Leary and more. Come on down and visit !

Smithsonian Folkways Recordings Record Companies
Smithsonian Folkways Recordings is the nonprofit record label of the Smithsonian Institution, the national museum of the United States. We are dedicated to supporting cultural diversity and increased understanding among peoples through the documentation, preservation, and dissemination of sound. We believe that musical and cultural diversity contributes to the vitality and quality of life throughout the world. Through the dissemination of audio recordings and educational materials we seek to strengthen people's engagement with their own cultural heritage and to enhance their awareness and appreciation of the cultural heritage of others. Our mission is the legacy of Moses Asch, who founded Folkways Records in 1948 to document "people's music," spoken word, instruction, and sounds from around the world. The Smithsonian acquired Folkways from the Asch estate in 1987, and Smithsonian Folkways Recordings has continued the Folkways commitment to cultural diversity, education, increased understanding, and lively engagement with the world of sound.

Talkeetna Records Record Companies
A website devoted to the music of Peter Stanley and Christopher Stanley.

Site unobtainable. An archived page from 2008 can be seen at:

(edited by Will Fly)

Beerfordbury Wassail Songs Recordings By Mudcatters
Live rehearsal of songs sung around the turning of the year by the Beerfordbury Wassail - active around NW Essex over the past 20 years or so

Cara Recordings By Mudcatters
North Lincolnshire Trio writing, performing original and traditional tunes and songs from the Celtic tradition. Purchase albums "Asleep Behind the Settee" (2002) and "The Notes in the Stones" (2003) using Paypal and Fastpay.

Charley Noble CD's (Charlie Ipcar) Recordings By Mudcatters
Uncommon Sailor-Songs (2004) More Uncommon Sailor-Songs (2005) Old Sailor-Poets (2007) Sailortown Days (2009)

Confessions Of A Closet-Folkie Recordings By Mudcatters
Shadowy lyrics,sweet harmonies & keen counter melodies from transplanted Englishman, and former Roger McGuinn sideman; a little bit UK and a little bit USA. If REM hailed from Armthorpe rather than Athens, they might sound a little like this. Maybe not.

Dick Miles, songs and concertina Recordings By Mudcatters
Website of English concertina player and singer Dick Miles. Here you can listen to one or two tracks from his CD's, also buy CD's and his excellent tutor books for the English concertina.

Fellside Recordings Recordings By Mudcatters
422's record company -Buy the album here!

Greenhouse website Recordings By Mudcatters
Celtic Fusion from Northern California

Kitty West , Music and Hope Recordings By Mudcatters
This is my website which I have not paid a whole lot of attention to lately....needs some updating, but I've been sick and busy and vice versa. Bio is on the main page, There's a page to order music and a "Log" where a person who kept up with her site would put important daily messages like where she's playing, etc.

(I'll try to get back on it.)

Site unobtainable. An archived page from 2006 can be seen at:

(edited by Will Fly).

Musicman's Web Page Recordings By Mudcatters
"Farewell - A Collection of Celtic Waltzes and Slow Airs"Produced 1999, featuring Musicman (Paul Evenden) on Whistles, concertina, guitar and David Sinclair on guitar, mandolin. Produced in memory of Mya Domeij Evenden, d.1999 (Paul's wife). Proceeds going to the Vancouver Foundation. Available through Folk Legacy Records at: "What makes this album stand apart from many others of similar content is it's simplicity. The tunes are well played, well recorded, and not over-produced. A fine job." Rick Fielding. Borealis recording artist, Host-producer, Acoustic Workshop. CIUT FM. Toronto

Prairie Druid Music: Paddy Tutty's Recordings Recordings By Mudcatters
Traditional ballads, songs and tunes mainly from Britain, Ireland, and North America, with fretted dulcimer, guitar, fiddle, concertina and whistle.

Recordings by Jim Krause Recordings By Mudcatters
Down County Road 1045 is an anthology of original material, recorded in 1991. It is currently available only on cassette

Going Up the Missouri: Songs & Dance Tunes from Old Fort Osage was recorded in 1999. It is a collection of folk and popular music dating from before 1820, performed on instruments of the period such as the 18th century wire strung guittar [sic], the fretless banjo, and fiddle, as well as bones and jew's harp.

Tejas Go Bragh Recordings By Mudcatters
Original TexoCelt music by Don Gabbert. Modern folk music.

Site unobtainable. An archived page from 2016 can be seen at:

(edited by Will Fly)

Up and Over the Moon! Recordings By Mudcatters
Giggle, dance and cuddle songs for the very young. An award-winning family CD, from Merriweather Records. Produced and arranged by Ken Whiteley. Canadian, eh?

Belefant Records Vendors
Small home studio, PA hire, Ceilidh band etc - Hull & East Yorkshire area.

Site unobtainable. An archived page from 2017 can be seen at:

(edited by Will Fly)

Camsco Music Vendors
Camsco's CD catalog. Camsco is a distributor specializing in traditional music of all sorts. Features many artists' small-label releases.

Site unobtainable. An archived page from 2006 can be seen at:

(edited by Will Fly)

Ground Floor Music Vendors
An independent traditional, folk, roots and world music retailer in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Imports, rarities, consignment titles, special orders. Secure online purchasing.

Site unobtainable. An archived page from 2012 can be seen at:

(edited by Will Fly)

Millstream Records Vendors
Millstream Records is a record shop set up by the famous Toender Festival in 1986. It specializes in folk music and currently has about 7500 titles in its catalogue. And they're very friendly too...!

Mississippi Civil Rights and Delta Blues Bookstore Vendors
Art, music, books on the Yazoo - Mississippi Delta - civil rights and delta blues

My Texas Vendors
Academy of Texas Music website. Listen to songclips and purchase songs or cds. Kids Music offerings for purchase. Prez and VP Jinelle and Lucky Boyd.

Rykodisc:Folk Vendors
Rykodisc's CD catalog folk page Vendors
Concert DVD's and 30 years of archived performances of some of the best musicians coming out of the 60's,70's,80's...

Soundsgood Studios Vendors
Home studio CD replication for those wanting small numbers of discs made up at "sensible" prices. From 1 to 20 copies. More by arrangement.

wewow CD Replication/Eco-friendly Packaging Vendors is a leading CD replication company with a difference. We specialise in and develop eco-friendly packaging! Our ever expanding product range includes WowWallet and wowpak, check out our website for further information.

Links: Recordings (CD, tape...)