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Aussie Glossary

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Aussie English
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Aussie Words Definitions Comments
caaarn! Traditional rallying cry at football games (contraction of "Come on!")  
cabbage tree hat Hat sewn from coil of plaited cabbage tree palm leaf Proverbially tough and long-lasting … very expensive … the badge of the native-born colonial
camp oven Large, cast-iron pot with a lid, for cooking on an open fire  
Captain Cook To have a look  
cark it To die, cease functioning  
cask Wine box Australian "invention" - first ones were a collapsing sack inside a tinplate cylinder painted with a cask stave pattern (c. 1966/7?)
cheque Payment for the season's/job's work (US 'check')  
chiko roll Australian junk food  
choke a darkie Defecate  
chokkie Chocolate  
chook A chicken (adult domestic fowl / hen)  
chrissie Christmas  
Christmas See Bourke Street  
chuck a sickie Take the day off sick from work when you're perfectly healthy  
chuck a u-ey Make a U-turn  
chunder Vomit, drive the porcelain bus, kerbside quiche, pavement pizza, liquid laugh, r  
clay pan Dry salt lake bed  
Clayton's Fake, substitute  
cleanskin Unbranded cattle  
click Kilometre - "it's 10 clicks away"  
cliner Girlfriend of a city larrikin, c. 1900 (from German 'kleine')
clip Entirety of the season's wool shorn from sheep  
clobber Clothes; to hit  
cobber Friend  
cobbler Tough, old, wrinkled sheep you shear last (if at all) / the last sheep in a run Cobblers' last - sort of rhyming slang
cockie Farmer  
cockroach A person from New South Wales  
cocky Small-scale farmer Earlier: 'cockatoo farmer'
coldie A beer  
colonial experience man (Usually) English apprentice grazier - working for keep, but learning the coloni  
combo White man cohabiting with Aboriginal woman (Illegal, in early 20th c., under "Native Protection Act")
come a gutser Make a bad mistake, have an accident  
come good Turn out all right  
compo Workers' Compensation pay  
conk To hit someone (archaic)  
cooee Bush greeting  
cooee, not within Figuratively a long way away, far off - England weren't within cooee of beating  
coolabah Type of box eucalyptus tree Not actually providing much shade (Paterson's irony)
coolgardie safe Box for storing perishable foods, cooled by non-mechanical evaporation  
copper Policeman  
cornstalk (Old - colonial period) name for New South Wales resident - refers to height of  
corroboree Aboriginal meeting, with ceremonial dancing  
counter lunch Pub lunch  
counter meal, countery Pub meal  
cove The boss of a station (~ ranch) - the cove in charge … A bit more polite than the Cockney sense of 'rogue'
cow Also means anything that is difficult  
cow cocky Small-scale cattle farmer  
cozzie Swimming costume (New South Wales)  
cradle (noun & verb) (wash auriferous soil in) riffled tub on curved feet to separate out the gold  
cranky In a bad mood, angry Varies state to state + means 'crazy', 'eccentric' in Tasmania
cream (verb) Defeat by a large margin  
creek A (usually) seasonal watercourse Not the Scots sense of a bay or inlet on a coast - close to the US sense
crook Ill, badly made, substandard  
crow eater A person from South Australia  
cut lunch Sandwiches  
cut snake, mad as a Very angry  
dag A funny person, nerd, goof  
dag, daggy Dirty lump of wool at the back end of a sheep, also an affectionate or mildly ab  
daks Trousers  
damper Bush loaf made from flour and water cooked in a camp oven  
Darling pea Staggers (usually the stock) from eating poisonous plant Appears in 'All For My Grog'
dead horse Tomato sauce  
deadset True, the truth  
deli Delicatessen  
demon Policeman, detective Originally a Tasmanian (Vandemonian) ex-convict recruited into the colonial police force
dero Tramp, hobo, homeless person (from "derelict")  
didgeridoo Cylindrical musical instrument played usually by Aboriginal men Women are forbidden to play didge in Aboriginal culture because the muscular contractions of playing can cause abortion … !
digger A soldier - typically from Australia or New Zealand Term is a goldrush legacy
dill Idiot  
dillybag Small bag to carry things  
dingo Australian native dog, (tranf.) an untrustworthy person or coward  
dinkum, fair dinkum Genuine or honest  
dinky-di The real thing, genuine  
dipstick A loser, idiot  
divvy van Police divisional van  
do your nana Lose your rag, spit the dummy, lose your temper  
dob (somebody) in Inform on somebody  
docket A bill, receipt  
doco Documentary  
dog Unattractive woman  
dole bludger Somebody on social assistance when unjustified  
don't come the raw prawn Don't try to fool me  
donah A girl, to a city larrikin, c. 1900 (from Portugese 'dona' ?)
donger Penis  
donk Car or boat engine  
doodle Penis  
doozey Something very pleasant  
doughboy Flour dumpling British dialect / navy slang
down south The rest of Australia, according to someone north of Brisbane, Queensland  
Down Under Australia and New Zealand  
drink with the flies To drink alone  
drinking down the cheque Drinking alcohol ontil all the wages have been squandered  
drive the porcelain bus Vomit  
drongo Worthless or stupid person North Australian bird that flies south (towards colder regions!) in summer …?
drover Person driving large herds of cattle or sheep across Australia  
drum Information, tip-off ("I'll give you the drum")  
drum (hump the) (Carry a) swag  
Dry, the Dry season in the north, April to November  
duco Car paint Brand name
duffer, cattle Rustler  
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Many thanks to John in Brisbane for this concept and the initial data, and to Bob Bolton for additions and comments.