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Aussie Glossary

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Aussie English
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Aussie Words Definitions Comments
g'day A greeting  
gaffer (Lesser) Boss … usually a supervisor or shed boss N. English dialect - US usage is head lighting tech on film set … thus "gaffer tape" - specially made to hang film lights from rough surfaces
galah Noisy parrot, thus noisy idiot  
game Brave  
gander Have a look  
gaol Australian and British variant spelling of "jail"  
garbo Garbage collector  
garbo, garbologist Municipal garbage collector  
gibber, gibby Stony desert (that's originally a 'gibber plain' or 'gibber country - 'gibber' i Sydney region Aboriginal word for stone (Dharuk - 'giba')
gidgee Rough, dry country, characterized by tough acacia scrub called gidgee Aboriginal (Yuwaalaraay) word for 'spear wood'
give it a burl Try it, have a go  
give it away Give up  
goanna Australian monitor lizard Adaptation of S. American 'iguana'
going "troppo" Going tropical; laid-back and fun-loving; insane  
good oil, good gits Useful information, a good idea, the truth Good guts?
good on ya! Well done!  
good on you Good for you, well done  
good possie Advantageous position  
grazier Large-scale sheep or cattle farmer  
greenhide Tough, untanned leather Equivalent to US "rawhide"
greenie Environmentalist  
grizzle To complain  
grog General term for alcohol, but typically beer Interestingly, it was originally RN term for rum, watered down to prevent sailors saving their ration up for a bender (after Admiral Grogham)
grouse Very good, unreal  
gum sucker Resident of Victoria  
gumtree Eucalyptus Smoothbarked eucalypt, not a stringybark or messmate
gun Champion (shearer)  
Gunyah Aboriginal temporary shelter (also gunya, guneah, gunney &c) Aboriginal (Dharuk): 'ganya'
gutzer Some plans don't work out or to have an accident (to come a gutzer)  
gyno Gynaecologist  
handle Beer glass with a handle  
hard yacka Hard work  
hatter Person living alone and rough in the bush - maybe crazy "Mad as a HATTER"
heaps A lot  
hire To rent, as "to hire a car"  
his nibs The boss  
homestead Residance of a station (ranch or farm) owner or manager  
hooley Wild party  
hooly-dooly An expression of surprise  
hoon Idiot, hooligan, yahoo  
hooroo Goodbye  
hotel Often just a pub  
hottie Hot water bottle  
how are ya? Standard greeting  
hq Second most revered Holden car  
hump To carry  
humping bluey Carrying a swag, travelling rough and light (looking for work - or tucker)  
humpy Temporary, makeshift dwelling (originally Aboriginal shelter, gunyah) Aboriginal (Jagara): 'yumbi
icy pole Popsicle, lollypop Ice block, where I came from
identity Celebrity  
iffy Doubtful, questionable  
illywacker A con man who preyed on the gullible at country shows/fairs  
in full feather In fine health  
in yer boot! An expression of disagreement (archaic)  
it's a goer Something that will definitely occur  
Jack Shay (Jack Shea) Quart pot, metal drinking vessel / container Rhymes (to the Irish) with tea (pot)
jack-in-the-box Person who can't sit still  
jackaroo A male station hand (a station is a big farm/grazing property) In station life, Jackaroo has long meant an Englishman getting 'colonial experience' (often not paid … but ate with the magager, not the men!) [Originally, ie very early colonial, it meant a white man living beyond the boundary of settlement - possibly Aboriginal word 'dhugai-iu', (Jagara)]
jillaroo A female station hand  
jingoes! Exclamation of wonder  
jocks Men's or boys' underpants  
Joe Blake Snake (rhyming)  
Joe Bloggs The average citizen  
joey Baby kangaroo, still in the pouch Originally baby possum - trans. to kangaroo, then any young marsupial … eventually comes to mean child!
johnny cake Small, thin, loaf of damper (bush bread) Trans. from US flat oat cake
journo Journalist  
jumbuck Sheep Probably an Aboriginal word for 'cloud' or 'mist' (a distant mob of sheep?)
jumped-up Full of self-importance; arrogant  
kanga or kangaroo Shoe  
keen as mustard Enthusiastic  
kelpie Australian sheepdog originally bred from Scottish collie Breed is descended from champion short-haired collie named 'Kelpie'
kerb Alternative Australian and British spelling of "curb"  
kerbside quiche Vomit  
kerfuffle Argument  
kero Kerosene  
kick To share or join in  
kick-in To provide your share  
kindie Kindergarten  
king brown Type of venomous snake or tall bottle of beer  
kip Sleep or nap  
kiwi New zealander  
knackered Worn out, rooted  
knackers Testicles (also love spuds, nuts, nads)  
knock To criticise  
knock back Refusal (noun), refuse (transitive verb)  
knocker One who criticises  
kombi Multi-purpose van-like vehicle, often modified so the back seats were folded dow  
koori Aborigine (mostly south of the Murray River) Also all of NSW (except for Yuin in south east) ... Murri -then Bama to north in Queensland - Yura, then Nunga to west, in South Australia
lair Layabout, hooligan  
lairise To behave in a vulgar, flamboyant manner  
lamb-brained Stupid  
lamington Sponge cake cut into squares, covered in chocolate and coconut  
larrikin Ruffian or hoodlum, but viewed with some admiration  
lay-by To put a deposit on an article so a shop will hold it  
licensed Legally permitted to sell alcoholic drinks  
like a bandicoot on a burnt ridge Lonely and vulnerable  
lingo The language  
lippy Lipstick  
liquid laugh Vomit  
lob, lob in Drop in to see someone ("the rellies have lobbed")  
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Many thanks to John in Brisbane for this concept and the initial data, and to Bob Bolton for additions and comments.