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Aussie Glossary

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Aussie English
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Aussie Words Definitions Comments
naff Ridiculous, useless  
nana Banana  
nark Spoilsport  
narked Annoyed  
naughty, have a Have sex  
neddies Horses  
Never Never The Outback, centre of Australia  
new chum New arrival or immigrant  
nick To steal  
nick out Go somewhere for short period of time  
nipper Young surf lifesaver Also any youngster (generally male)
nit Fool or idiot Also nitwit
no hoper Hopeless case  
no shortage of oscar To be flush with money  
no worries! Everything will be fine!  
no-hoper Somebody who'll never do well  
nobbler Glass or drink of liquor  
noise off Speak loudly  
north island Mainland Australia, according to someone in Tasmania  
northern summer Summer in the Northern Hemisphere  
not the full quid Not bright intellectually  
nuddy, in the Naked  
nulla-nulla Wooden club used by Aborigines  
num-nums Tasty food  
ocker Uncultivated or boorish Australian  
off-sider Assistant or partner  
oil Information  
old man Large (animal) as in 'old man kangaroo … by tranference (and pidgin use?) = large Old Man Plain', in "Across the Western Plains", means 'the big, wide plain'.
oldies Parents - "I'll have to ask my oldies"  
on a good lurk To have a good job  
open slather Without restrictions  
OS Overseas  
outback The bush, or uncivilised uninhabited region  
overlander A drover, herding cattle or sheep hundreds of miles over land  
owyergoin How are you going? Often used with "g'day" and "Mate"  
oy! An ocker's call; hey!  
oyo On your own (flat or apartment)  
Oz Australia, as in Oz-tralia  
packed out Filled to capacity  
packet Large some of money, an envelope  
paddock Field or meadow In Australia, that COULD be 1000 square miles!
pademelon, paddymelon Small (potorid) wallaby … Aboriginal word (Dharuk - 'badimaliyan') Confused with inedible African cucurbit, growing feral in Australia - 'Paddymelon'
pally On friendly terms with  
paper yabber Letter  
parcel Package  
pash Passion, infatuation  
pastoralist Large-scale grazier  
patent pill machine Revolver Image goes back to loading a cap-and-ball revolver
pav Pavlova - a rich, creamy Australian dessert  
pavement pizza Vomit  
pavlova Traditional Australian meringue and cream dessert, named after Russian ballerina  
pearler Excellent (Purler?)
peel Shear (a sheep) "Peel the wooly overcoats of those monkeys!)
peeler policeman (Anglo-Irish, from Sir Rober Peel)
pen Shearing position or job (= 'stand')  
perve (noun & verb) Looking lustfully at the opposite sex  
pester Annoy or bother someone (Standard English?)
petrol Gasoline  
piccaninny Native child (International colonial) W. Indian creole from Spanish 'pequeno'
piece of piss Easy task  
piffle Nonsense  
pig's arse! I don't agree with you  
piker Someone who doesn't want to fit in with others socially, leaves parties early  
pinch To arrest  
pineapple, rough end of Stick, sharp end of; misfortune  
pink (verb) Shear closely (so close that the pink skin shows through the wool)  
pinkie Wine - local - young (bit short of the Beaujolais mystique) Term occurrs in song 'Ard tac', inter alia
pint pot Tin-plated cooking/storage/container - specially made, not improvised like a billy Sometimes fits snugly inside the quart pot - horsemen's model is oval to pack better in saddlebag
piss Alcohol, usually beer  
piss turn, piss up Boozy party  
piss weak No good, gutless  
pissed Drunk  
pissed off Annoyed  
pivot on Consider  
plant the foot (to the floorboards) Drive fast  
plonk Cheap wine (contemptuous contraction of "vin blanc")  
plurry (alledged) pidgin for "bloody" The Oxford blames this one on the New Zealanders and Maoris?
poddy dodger Cattle rustler Strictly, someone pinching unbranded calves from careless neighbours
poker machine, pokies Slot machine or fruit machine but with playing card pips  
polly Politician  
pom, pommy English person Imperfect rhyming slang = pomegranate - 'immy-granate'
pommy bastard An Englishman  
poofter Homosexual  
port Suitcase (portmanteau) Not a Sydney term - common everywhere else
possie Position  
postie Postman, mailman  
pot 285 ml glass of beer (Victoria and Queensland) And the Sydney Journalist's Club
pozzy Position - get a good pozzy at the football stadium  
prad A horse (From Dutch 'paard')
prang Accident or crash  
prezzy Present, gift  
prog Food Old Englis, ex Norse
pub Any hotel  
puddle Wash soil in tubs or troughs for gold ('often preparatory to cradling')  
push Group or gang of people, such as shearers  
putt-putt Any small vehicle  
QANTAS Acronym for Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Service  
quack Doctor, especially if not very good  
quart pot Tin-plated cooking/storage/container - specially made, not improvised like a billy  
quick smart In a hurry  
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Many thanks to John in Brisbane for this concept and the initial data, and to Bob Bolton for additions and comments.