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Aussie Glossary

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Aussie English
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Aussie Words Definitions Comments
QANTAS Acronym for Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Service  
quack Doctor, especially if not very good  
quart pot Tin-plated cooking/storage/container - specially made, not improvised like a billy  
quick smart In a hurry  
quid, make a Earn a living - "are you making a quid?"  
quid, not the full Of low IQ  
quids A lot of money  
rabbiter Person trapping, poisoning or shooting rabbits for pay, bounty or skins  
rage Party  
rainbow sneeze Vomit  
rapt Delighted, enraptured  
ratbag Someone who does not behave properly  
raw prawn, to come the To bullshit, to be generally disagreeable  
razoo Fictitious coin, as "I haven't a brass razoo"  
reckon! You bet! Absolutely!  
red poppy The one at the top whom Aussies like to give a hard time Tall poppy (syndrome)?
rego Registration, as in car rego  
rellie Family relative  
remittance man (Generally) Englishman whose family are prepared to pay him to not to come home  
rhino Money (real money, not the cockies' 'shinplasters'!)  
ridgy-didge Original, genuine  
right Okay ("she'll be right, mate")  
ring-in Impostor, unauthorised  
ringer Fastest sheep shearer  
ringer (Queensland) Stockman, cattle drover (required to "ring, mill & circle cattle")  
ripper Great, fantastic  
road train Big truck with many trailers  
roly-poly Australian tumbleweed (roley-poley, rolly-polly)
roo Kangaroo  
roo bar Metal frame on front of vehicles to protect against kangaroo strikes  
root Have sexual intercourse  
rooted Tired  
ropable Very ill-tempered or angry  
rotten Drunk ("I went out last night and got rotten")  
rouseabout, rousie General stationhand / non-shearing shed-hand  
RS Lousy (rat shit)  
rubbish To criticize or tease  
rug up Dress for warmth  
rum cull Rich fool, an easy mark 17/18th c. London street slang
run A station - a large country agricultural property  
ryebuck Genuine, fair dinkum  
sack To dismiss from a job  
sack Bed: "Hit the sack" = go to bed Also (usually a sleeping bag) "fart sack"
safe Storage box/cupboard for food See also Coolgardie safe
salute, aussie Brushing flies away  
salvo Member of the Salvation Army  
sandgroper Resident of Western Australia; sand-burrowing desert insect  
sanger A sandwich  
Sawbees Brand of hand-shears used for shearing sheep Spelling?
scallops Fried potato cakes (Queensland and New South Wales), shellfish (elsewhere) The shellfish often distinguished as "Tasmanian" scallops" … except in Tasmania or Victoria
scheme System or method (no negative connotation) Or project … I worked on the Snowy Mts Scheme in the '60s
school Group of drinkers, each of whom buys a round  
schooner Large beer glass (New South Wales, South Australia)  
scratchy Instant lottery ticket  
screamer Party lover; "two pot screamer" - somebody who gets drunk on very little alcohol  
scrub Can be the same as the bush or it can mean areas in the country without many tall trees  
sea wasp Deadly box jellyfish  
sealed road Surfaced road  
see you in the soup See you around  
selector Farmer who was able to freely choose a small parcel of Government land  
semitrailer Articulated truck  
septic Disparaging term for an American ("septic tank" rhymes with "Yank")  
servo Petrol station  
session Lengthy period of heavy drinking  
SFA Sweet Fuck All, precious little Actually started as Sweet Fanny Adams: Frances Adams, murdered and chopped up, c. 1870 (RN term for canned meat!)
shark biscuit Somebody new to surfing  
she'll be right! Everything will be fine!  
she-oak Tree (wood of which) vaguely resembling a European oak, the 'she' meaning inferi Dead right - but don't try to explain that to a feminist ...
shed Shearing shed - major structure on large wool property Rung the shed', means shearing top tally for that property, that season
sheila Female or woman  
shellacking Complete defeat  
shinplasters Cheque for wages (surreptiously baked to make paper brittle) . Workers often wrapped them around their ankles, under their socks, to keep them moist and intact
shirty To get upset or angry  
shivoo Rowdy party (archaic)  
shonky Unreliable  
shoot through To leave or disappear in a hurry  
shout Turn to buy - a round of drinks usually ("it's your shout")  
shove off! Go away!  
sickie Day off work ill, or malingering  
silk shirt on a pig Something wasted  
silvertail Well off, usually English, settler (European silvertail pigeon, contrasted with  
sink the boot Go in hard  
skint Broke  
skite Boast, brag  
sky pilot Minister, bush missionary (early 20th c.)  
slab 24 cans (tinnies) of beer, shrink-wrapped as a unit  
sleepout House verandah converted to a bedroom  
slog Hard work  
smoko Smoke or tea break  
snag Sausage  
snagger Inexpert, slow or worn out shearer  
sook Person or animal who is soft, tame, inoffensive  
spag bol Spaghetti bolognese  
sparrow-fart Dawn, first light  
spider (19th c.) Brandy mixed with lemonade  
spider (20th c.) Aerated soft drink plus ice cream (~ US 'soda'?) NOT Sydney - lime soft drink + ice cream = 'Ice cream, lime & soda', no other spiders served
spieler Carnival spruiker - con artist - swindler (Originally a US term)
spit the dummy Get very upset at something  
sport More general way to refer to someone rather than a mate  
sprung Caught doing something wrong  
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Many thanks to John in Brisbane for this concept and the initial data, and to Bob Bolton for additions and comments.