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Aussie Glossary

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Aussie English
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Aussie Words Definitions Comments
t'other side The northern island (mainland Australia) to a Tasmanian Of course, they're 'down under down under …"
tack (hard) Work (hard) Trans. From sailor's 'hard tack' - tough, hard biscuit?
take away food Take-out food  
tall poppies Achievers, often a disparaging term Tall poppy (syndrome)?
tally The number of shorn sheep attributed to individual shearers in a day Transf. - a good result
tank Dam or reservoir, as well as constructed water storage container  
tar Stockholm tar, applied as first aid to sheep cut during shearing  
tar boy Shearing shed hand patching up cut sheep  
tariff Rate  
tart Once a contraction of 'sweetheart', now more derogatory  
Taswegian A person from Tasmania  
tea Evening meal  
technicolour yawn Vomit  
tee up Organise or arrange  
telly The television  
thingo Thing, whatchamacallit, whomajigger, hooza meebob, doo velacki, thingamajig, wha  
this arvo This afternoon  
thongs Rubber sandals, flip-flops  
ticker Watch  
tickets, to have on oneself To have a high opinion of oneself  
tiger cat Carnivorous marsupial, about domestic cat size Related to extinct Tasmamian Tiger
tinny Can of beer, small aluminium boat  
toad-skin £1 banknote, from its green colour Australian banknotes are each of different colours (and sizes)
togs Swimming costume (Queensland, Victoria)  
tongs (Old-fashioned) Hand shears Suggested by spring hinge (B-bow)?
too right! Absolutely!  
top end Far north of Australia  
top ender Resident of the Northern Territory  
trap Policeman, (later) mounted trooper  
triangle Flogging frame In convict settlements, 1788 - (~) 1860
trooper Policeman (usually) on horseback  
trots Runny stools, the shits  
truckie Truck driver  
true blue Dinkum, patriotic  
tucker Food  
tucker-bag Food bag  
turps Turpentine or alcoholic drink So-called 'Methylated Spirits' no longer is denatured with methyl alcohol, which is merely poisonous ... now uses turpentine, which is sickening
turps, hit the Go on a drinking binge  
twit Fool or idiot  
two-pot screamer Someone who can't hold his liquor  
two-up Traditional Australian heads/tails gambling game, played with 2 coins  
tyre Australian and British spelling of "tire"  
underdaks Underwear  
uni University  
unit Flat, apartment  
up a gumtree In a quandary  
up north New South Wales and Queensland, according to someone in Victoria  
up oneself Have a high opinion of oneself - "he's really up himself"  
up the duff Pregnant  
ute Utility truck or vehicle Australian 'invention' - Ford Australia (1928?)
vedgies Vegetables  
vee dub Volkswagen  
veg out Relax in front of the TV (like a vegetable)  
Vegemite Popular vegetable extract used as sandwich spread Yeast extract - made from the 'lees' of beer-making!
vejjo Vegetarian  
velvet Highly profitable or advantageous  
waddy Wooden club (waddi, waddie, wody, woodah &c) Aboriginal word (Dharuk): wadi = tree, stick of wood
waffle Nonsense  
wag To skip school or work  
waggin' school Playing truant  
waler Bloke from New South Wales (also NSW breed of tough bush horse) Not 'whaler'
walkabout Lengthy walk away from it all  
walkabout, it's gone It's lost, can't be found  
wallaby track, on the To wander from place to place in search of work (archaic)  
walloper Copper, policeman  
waltz matilda To carry a swag Auf den walz (mit Mathilde) Mathilde is blanket roll or tool roll in German
wattle Acacia, common Australian species of (typically) shrub The original wattle - so named because it was used to build wattle & daub dwellings in Sydney's first settlement, was not acacia, but callicoma serratifolia, which had yellow globular flowers and serrated leaves. Early settlers were no botanists and they thought similar acacias were same genus …
weatherboard Wooden house Strictly: a specific pattern of lapped horizontal wooden cladding
West Island Australia, to a New Zealander  
Wet, the Rainy season in northern Australia  
wether Castrated male sheep  
whack Fair share, agreed deal Turns up in a few songs - old English word
wharfie Dockworker (Stevedore)
whinge Complain and carry on unnecessarily  
whips (of) Lots (of)  
white ant (noun) Termite  
white ant (verb) Undermine or sabotage  
white pointers Topless (female) sunbathers or type of large shark  
whomajigger Term for person or thing whose actual name one can't remember  
willy-nilly Small dust twister or erratic More commonly "willy willy" - a couple of citiatons of williy nilly in Aus. Nat'l Dict. Aboriginal words (Yinji-Barndi) - 'wili wili'
Wimmera West Victorian region (characterised by wimmera rye grass)  
wobbly Disturbing, unpredictable behaviour, as in "throw a wobbly"  
wog Flu or trivial illness  
wog Mediterranean or Middle European migrant - derogatory  
Wolseleys Machine shears (inventor, Fred Wolseley, went on to make cars … in England) (Assisted by his shears mechanic … Herbert Austin … who then made his own cars!)
wombat Somebody who eats, roots and leaves (see also root)  
woomera Stick used by Aborigines to throw spears  
woop woop Invented name for any small unimportant town - "he lives in Woop Woop"  
wowser Straight-laced person, prude, puritan, spoilsport  
XXXX Pronounced Four X, brand of beer made in Queensland And there's no truth to the story that Queenslanders just can't spell BEER
yabber Talk (a lot) Probably Aboriginal … and/or pidgin from jabber
yabby Small freshwater crayfish  
yahoo Noisy and unruly person  
yahooing Boisterous behaviour  
yakka, yakker Hard work, an Aboriginal term (Yagari language -'yaga')
yank American regardless of location  
yank tank An American car  
yankee shout A round of drinks in which everyone pays his own  
yeo Ewe, female sheep Scots dialect … also ewie or yowie (not the aboriginal forest monster!)
yewy U-turn in traffic ("chuck a yewy at the next traffic lights") I've always spelled it: U-ey … but I'm a bit of a pedant!
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Many thanks to John in Brisbane for this concept and the initial data, and to Bob Bolton for additions and comments.