Bathing angel

A               E7            A
Someone's been cutting their toenails
   D                 A
I really don't know who
         D                  A
they've left one there, way up in the air
on a carpet of midnight blue.

They must have been taking a shower
and it didn't all go down the drain
As I look in the sky, I feel in my eye 
a few soft drops of rain.

They've used too much talcum powder
and shaken it all around
those sprinkes of white all over the night
are making the stars shine down.

It must be a pretty young angel
taking a tub up there
now the day is done, in the setting sun
I see a few strands of her hair.

So go to sleep my darling
now that the day is through
there's a freshly scrubbed young angel
watching over you.

Copyright Bert Hansell, 1996