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The Mudcat Cafesj

Contact the Mudcat & Digitrad is a community, so most (very close to all) questions, comments, technical problems, etc. could and should be posted to the forum, however...

Make a Financial Contribution

Send Joe a Personal Message (community issues, membership/password help, complaints) or email
Send Max a Personal Message (when you've contacted everyone else and still aren't satisfied, where to send the cash, advertising, praise) or email
Send Dick a Personal Message (CD requests, Digitrad, Camsco) or email

Physical Locations and Phone Numbers

Max D. Spiegel
The Mudcat Cafe
P.O. Box 274
State College, PA 16804

Dick Greenhaus
The Digital Tradition
Camsco Music
145 Hickory Corner Road
East Windsor, NJ 08520-2415