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BK Lick Utah Phillips: Loafer's Glory Radio Show (48) Loafer's Glory: Programs 61 - 70 21 Sep 11

Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG 3-61 Mulligan Stew1SongFreight Train From Seattle to New YorkWoody GuthrieWoody Guthrie0:401:250:45
LG 3-61 Mulligan Stew2StoryFrom Bound For GloryWoody GuthrieUtah Phillips3:205:252:05
LG 3-61 Mulligan Stew3SongHard TravelingWoody GuthrieWoody Guthrie, Cisco Houston5:257:352:10
LG 3-61 Mulligan Stew4StoryFrom Face of a NationThomas WolfeUtah Phillips7:359:502:15
LG 3-61 Mulligan Stew5SongThe Traveling ManNat WillsNat Wills9:5012:252:35
LG 3-61 Mulligan Stew6Story Casey JonesUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips12:2515:253:00
LG 3-61 Mulligan Stew7SongCasey JonesWallace SaundersHaywire Mac McClintock15:2518:553:30
LG 3-61 Mulligan Stew8CommentDangers of Railroad WorkUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips18:5520:451:50
LG 3-61 Mulligan Stew9SongTwenty-Seven BoxcarsBob WoodsBob Woods20:4524:00:003:15
LG 3-61 Mulligan Stew10StoryLetter from Mike"Mike"Utah Phillips24:00:0027:15:003:15
LG 3-61 Mulligan Stew11SongHobo Train Rube WaddellRube Waddell27:15:0030:50:003:45
LG 3-61 Mulligan Stew12Station BreakKenny Hall30:50:0033:05:002:15
LG 3-61 Mulligan Stew13StoryJosh WhiteUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips33:05:0034:55:001:50
LG 3-61 Mulligan Stew14SongJim Crow TrainJosh WhiteJosh White34:55:0038:00:003:05
LG 3-61 Mulligan Stew15StoryWabash CannonballUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips38:00:0039:25:001:25
LG 3-61 Mulligan Stew16PoemHear How It GoesKay BoyleUtah Phillips39:25:0040:25:001:00
LG 3-61 Mulligan Stew17SongWabash CannonballtraditionalRoy Acuff40:25:0043:00:002:25
LG 3-61 Mulligan Stew18SongFreight Train BluesField recording by Frank & Ann WarnerRichard Hamilton43:00:0046:55:003:55
LG 3-61 Mulligan Stew19StoryJay Gould and Judge Roy BeanUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips46:55:0050:00:003:05
LG 3-61 Mulligan Stew20SongJay Gould's DaughtertraditionalErik Darling50:00:0053:15:003:15
LG 3-61 Mulligan Stew21SongFrisco RoadUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips53:15:0056:25:003:10
LG 3-61 Mulligan Stew22PoemThe Fire Is OutUnknownUtah Phillips56:55:0057:35:000:40
Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG 3-62 New and Old Friends1Poem"This morning I have my radio on..."Dorothy DayUtah Phillips0:351:000:25
LG 3-62 New and Old Friends2StoryPowerful Women I've Known: Dorothy DayUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips2:305:252:55
LG 3-62 New and Old Friends3SongComing UpAni DiFrancoAni DiFranco5:257:552:30
LG 3-62 New and Old Friends4StoryHarriet & Dorothea Brownell Utah PhillipsUtah Phillips7:5512:354:40
LG 3-62 New and Old Friends5SongThe Cot Where We Were BornLyman HeathHutchinson Family Singers12:3514:151:40
LG 3-62 New and Old Friends6StoryCafe Lena & Lena SpencerUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips14:1516:252:10
LG 3-62 New and Old Friends7CommentCannon Ball Blues IntroductionLena SpencerLena Spencer16:2518:001:35
LG 3-62 New and Old Friends8SongCannon Ball BluesUnknownUtah Phillips18:0022:054:05
LG 3-62 New and Old Friends9StoryRosalie SorrelsUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips22:0525:10:003:05
LG 3-62 New and Old Friends10SongMagic Penny /Visitation 1985Malvina Reynolds / Jane VossChabot School Chorus, Rosalie Sorrels, Terry Garthwaite25:10:0030:00:004:50
LG 3-62 New and Old Friends11StoryMalvina ReynoldsUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips30:00:0031:45:001:45
LG 3-62 New and Old Friends12SongThe Little MouseMalvina ReynoldsMalvinaReynolds31:45:0035:00:003:15
LG 3-62 New and Old Friends13Station BreakKenny Hall35:00:0036:50:001:50
LG 3-62 New and Old Friends14StoryFaith PetricUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips36:50:0038:35:001:45
LG 3-62 New and Old Friends15SongRock Me To SleepTom HunterFaith Petric38:35:0041:20:002:45
LG 3-62 New and Old Friends16StoryKate WolfUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips41:20:0044:20:003:00
LG 3-62 New and Old Friends17SongFriend of MineKate WolfKate Wolf44:20:0048:05:003:45
LG 3-62 New and Old Friends18StorySisters of the Road Cafe: Ginny NelsonUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips48:05:0050:50:002:45
LG 3-62 New and Old Friends19SongOughta Be A WomanSweet Honey in the RockSweet Honey in the Rock50:50:0053:55:003:05
LG 3-62 New and Old Friends20StoryJoanna RobinsonUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips53:55:0055:25:001:30
LG 3-62 New and Old Friends21PoemA Poem In Early SpringJoanna RobinsonJoanna Robinson55:25:0056:35:001:10
LG 3-62 New and Old Friends22Poem"How do we know where we are going?"Marg PiercyUtah Phillips57:10:0057:30:000:20
Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG 3-63 Folk Songs1Poem"Magicians carry wings so they can fly..."Jack MichelineUtah Phillips0:301:000:30
LG 3-63 Folk Songs2StoryFolk Music 101: Ralph McTellUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips2:004:402:40
LG 3-63 Folk Songs3SongStreets of LondonRalph McTellFred Holstein4:409:054:25
LG 3-63 Folk Songs4StoryRed WingUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips9:0510:401:35
LG 3-63 Folk Songs5SongRed WingThurland Chattaway / Kerry MillsCharlie Blacklock & Charlie's Band; Art Peterson10:4013:052:25
LG 3-63 Folk Songs6CommentMusic belongs to everyoneUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips13:0515:102:05
LG 3-63 Folk Songs7SongOld Joe ClarkUnknownWoody Guthrie15:1017:102:00
LG 3-63 Folk Songs8StoryArt Thieme, Song CollectorUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips17:1018:351:25
LG 3-63 Folk Songs9SongBarbara Allen, the Cowboy VersionUnknownArt Thieme18:3523:004:25
LG 3-63 Folk Songs10StoryThe Origins of "The Egg-Setting Horse"Utah PhillipsUtah Phillips23:0024:40:001:40
LG 3-63 Folk Songs11StoryThe Egg-Setting HorseUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips24:40:0029:15:004:35
LG 3-63 Folk Songs12Station BreakKenny Hall29:15:0031:15:002:00
LG 3-63 Folk Songs13StoryRecorded MusicUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips31:15:0033:50:002:35
LG 3-63 Folk Songs14SongThe Copper and the GunmanNed CobbenKenny Hall33:50:0035:35:001:45
LG 3-63 Folk Songs15StoryMusic of the CaliforniosUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips35:35:0037:40:002:05
LG 3-63 Folk Songs16Song La Magica Mujercollected by Charles Fletcher Lummis- 1903Los Californios37:40:0040:25:002:45
LG 3-63 Folk Songs17StoryFaith PetricUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips40:25:0042:45:002:20
LG 3-63 Folk Songs18SongThe Yellow Rose of Texas"For Charles H. Brown by J. K." - 1858Faith Petric42:45:0045:25:002:40
LG 3-63 Folk Songs19Story Sparky RuckerUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips45:25:0047:25:002:00
LG 3-63 Folk Songs20SongGoodbye (If I Never Will See You Any More)UnknownSparky Rucker47:25:0050:10:002:45
LG 3-63 Folk Songs21CommentThe Use of Folk Music: Sam PatchUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips50:10:0053:05:002:55
LG 3-63 Folk Songs22SongSammy, Sammy, SammyUnknownGolden Link Folk Music Club53:05:0056:20:003:15
LG 3-63 Folk Songs23Poem"The gods are less for their love of praise..."Wendell BerryUtah Phillips57:05:0057:45:000:40
Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG 3-64 Me Being Weird1Poem"When I am old I will not wear purple."Utah PhillipsUtah Phillips0:350:500:15
LG 3-64 Me Being Weird2StoryRadioUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips3:004:501:50
LG 3-64 Me Being Weird3SongTrumpet RecitalOkeh Laugh RecordOkeh Laugh Record4:507:452:55
LG 3-64 Me Being Weird4StoryThe Brownell Sisters of Saratoga SpringsUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips7:4510:102:25
LG 3-64 Me Being Weird5SongThe Fatal WeddingGussie L. DavisAnonymous10:1016:106:00
LG 3-64 Me Being Weird6StoryThe Utah Cooperative Duck RanchUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips16:1018:102:00
LG 3-64 Me Being Weird7SongThe Danube Isn't Blue, It's GreenSpike JonesSpike Jones18:1021:052:55
LG 3-64 Me Being Weird8StoryThe Grand Union BalloonUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips21:0524:00:002:55
LG 3-64 Me Being Weird9SongChickens For PeacePeter AlsopPeter Alsop24:00:0026:55:002:55
LG 3-64 Me Being Weird10StoryThe English Language: To Throw - PunctuationUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips26:55:0029:50:002:55
LG 3-64 Me Being Weird11StoryMarijuana HelperStevens and GrdngSteven and Grdng29:50:0030:30:000:40
LG 3-64 Me Being Weird12Song(Blues with chicken clucking)??????30:30:0032:20:001:50
LG 3-64 Me Being Weird13Station BreakKenny Hall32:20:0034:30:002:10
LG 3-64 Me Being Weird14StoryField RecordingsUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips34:30:0036:10:001:40
LG 3-64 Me Being Weird15SongLove Song from Amazonas, EcuadorField Recording by Ian and Ben???36:10:0037:00:000:50
LG 3-64 Me Being Weird16SongSeptember SongAnderson & WeillWalter Huston37:00:0040:20:003:20
LG 3-64 Me Being Weird17StoryYuri Gagarin songUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips40:20:0042:15:001:55
LG 3-64 Me Being Weird18SongYuri GagarinUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips42:15:0044:30:002:15
LG 3-64 Me Being Weird19StoryMoose Turd PieUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips44:30:0050:45:006:15
LG 3-64 Me Being Weird20StoryUtah's Election Speech: King of the HoboesUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips50:45:0052:40:001:55
LG 3-64 Me Being Weird21SongWabash CannonballUnknownUtah Phillips52:40:0054:20:001:40
LG 3-64 Me Being Weird22SongRotten BossesGeneral StrikeGeneral Strike54:20:0056:55:002:35
LG 3-64 Me Being Weird23Poem"Who said it's time to pass the torch?"Utah PhillipsUtah Phillips57:30:0057:45:000:15
Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG 3-65 Sad Old Songs1PoemLetter Edged in BlackHattie NevadaUtah Phillips0:351:000:25
LG 3-65 Sad Old Songs2CommentSad Old SongsUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips2:356:003:25
LG 3-65 Sad Old Songs3SongI'm Tying the LeavesF. J. Helf / HuntingtonGrandpa Jones6:007:551:55
LG 3-65 Sad Old Songs4CommentVaudeville: Laughter & SadnessUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips7:5510:002:05
LG 3-65 Sad Old Songs5PoemGrasshopper Mac ClainJimmy DeanJimmy Dean10:0013:103:10
LG 3-65 Sad Old Songs6CommentWarning songsUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips13:1014:201:10
LG 3-65 Sad Old Songs7SongMother the Queen of my HeartJimmy RodgersRambling Jack Elliott14:2017:253:05
LG 3-65 Sad Old Songs8StoryBaby Hoover and her dollsUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips17:2520:152:50
LG 3-65 Sad Old Songs9SongLullaby YodelJimmy RodgersRev. Baby Hoover20:1522:452:30
LG 3-65 Sad Old Songs10Story"When am I going to Start to die?"Utah PhillipsUtah Phillips22:4524:55:002:10
LG 3-65 Sad Old Songs11SongOld ShepRed Foley / W. ArthurRambling Jack Elliott24:55:0028:45:003:50
LG 3-65 Sad Old Songs12Station BreakLas MananitasTraditionalKenny Hall28:45:0029:40:000:55
LG 3-65 Sad Old Songs13StoryThe Lightning ExpressUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips29:40:0031:35:001:55
LG 3-65 Sad Old Songs14SongThe Lightning ExpressJ. Helf / R. P. MoranWayne Dickerson & Dobro Dick Dilloff (?)31:35:0035:40:004:05
LG 3-65 Sad Old Songs15StoryTrain wreck songsUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips35:40:0037:40:002:00
LG 3-65 Sad Old Songs16SongJim Blake's MessageUnknownJane Voss37:40:0040:30:002:50
LG 3-65 Sad Old Songs17StoryLttle Joe the WranglerUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips40:30:0042:20:001:50
LG 3-65 Sad Old Songs18SongLittle Joe the Wrangler's Sister NellUnknown. Laws B36d. Possibly Cowboy Jack ThorpeDon Edwards42:20:0046:45:004:25
LG 3-65 Sad Old Songs19CommentSentimental Songs for WarUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips46:45:0048:20:002:35
LG 3-65 Sad Old Songs20SongThe Red Deck of CardsRed River Dave McEnery / T. Texas TylerTex Ritter48:20:0051:40:003:20
LG 3-65 Sad Old Songs21StorySinging at Bob & Ray's in PocatelloUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips51:40:0053:35:001:55
LG 3-65 Sad Old Songs22SongThe Drunkard's SonClarence E. SnowUtah Phillips53:35:0055:25:001:50
LG 3-65 Sad Old Songs23PoemThe Old Guy Waxes LabileUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips55:40:0056:10:000:30
Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG 3-66 Maine1Poem"My old friend..."???Utah Phillips0:300:500:20
LG 3-66 Maine2SongBattleship of MaineUnknownMark Ross2:205:453:25
LG 3-66 Maine3StoryVisiting MaineUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips5:458:402:55
LG 3-66 Maine4SongThe Haying SongDavid MallettKendall Morse8:4011:152:35
LG 3-66 Maine5StoryHenry Hatch and the story of Tom LambUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips11:1514:002:45
LG 3-66 Maine6SongThe Log Driver's WaltzWade HensworthWade Hensworth14:0016:502:50
LG 3-66 Maine7StoryFox Hollow Festival/Marshall DodgeUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips16:5018:201:30
LG 3-66 Maine8StoryMaurice Gagnon, World Champion Moose CallerUnknownMarshall Dodge18:2022:304:10
LG 3-66 Maine9CommentRegional dialectsUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips22:3023:501:20
LG 3-66 Maine10StoryMaine VoicesSamantha RegalMaine fishermen23:5027:25:003:35
LG 3-66 Maine11StoryUriah BoardmanKendall MorseKendall Morse27:25:0029:20:001:55
LG 3-66 Maine12Station BreakKenny Hall29:20:0031:00:001:40
LG 3-66 Maine13SongMrs. MacDonald's LamentGordon BokGordon Bok31:00:0033:55:002:55
LG 3-66 Maine14StoryPuffin IslandUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips33:55:0035:50:001:55
LG 3-66 Maine15PoemBallad of the Night Charlie Tended WeirRuth MooreGordon Bok35:50:0041:35:005:45
LG 3-66 Maine16StoryThe Flying CloudUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips41:35:0043:45:002:10
LG 3-66 Maine17SongThe Flying CloudLaws #K28David Jones43:45:0048:20:004:35
LG 3-66 Maine18StoryWERU in Blue HillUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips48:20:0049:40:001:20
LG 3-66 Maine19SongThe World Wide TourClum SpencerClum Spencer49:40:0052:20:002:40
LG 3-66 Maine20StoryLost in the fogUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips52:20:0054:10:001:50
LG 3-66 Maine21SongA Christmas in MaineJimmy BarnesJimmy Barnes54:10:0056:00:001:50
LG 3-66 Maine22Poem"You lean at ease in your own house..."Utah Phillips56:35:0057:05:000:30
Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG 3-67 Wild Dogs of Kitwanga1Poem"I have seen stars in the daytime..."Spider John KoernerSpider John Koerner0:150:500:35
LG 3-67 Wild Dogs of Kitwanga2StoryHobo Rendezvous in ElkoUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips1:504:102:20
LG 3-67 Wild Dogs of Kitwanga3PoemThe DogDean StiffUtah Phillips4:105:151:05
LG 3-67 Wild Dogs of Kitwanga4SongThe Northern LinePop WagnerPop Wagner5:158:153:00
LG 3-67 Wild Dogs of Kitwanga5CommentThe Hobo PhilosopherUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips8:1510:302:15
LG 3-67 Wild Dogs of Kitwanga6SongRidin' The WestboundRik PalieriRik Palieri10:3013:503:20
LG 3-67 Wild Dogs of Kitwanga7CommentThe Loss of Hobo Rules of the RoadUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips13:5016:052:15
LG 3-67 Wild Dogs of Kitwanga8SongThe Railroad KillerMark RossMark Ross16:0518:202:15
LG 3-67 Wild Dogs of Kitwanga9StoryNew Young Hoboes and their 'ZinesUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips18:2021:553:35
LG 3-67 Wild Dogs of Kitwanga10PoemLove Song of the TrainBuzz PotterBuzz Potter21:5524:25:002:30
LG 3-67 Wild Dogs of Kitwanga11Poem"Who are they?"Utah PhillipsUtah Phillips24:25:0025:40:001:15
LG 3-67 Wild Dogs of Kitwanga12SongThe ToastGary WhiteRosalie Sorrels25:40:0029:00:003:20
LG 3-67 Wild Dogs of Kitwanga13Station BreakKenny Hall29:00:0030:50:001:50
LG 3-67 Wild Dogs of Kitwanga14PoemThe UP NP SP MergerC. B. SmithUtah Phillips30:50:0033:45:002:55
LG 3-67 Wild Dogs of Kitwanga15SongThe Old INDLuther the JetLuther the Jet33:45:0038:00:004:15
LG 3-67 Wild Dogs of Kitwanga16StoryThe Downtown Neighborhood in SpokaneUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips38:00:0039:15:001:15
LG 3-67 Wild Dogs of Kitwanga17PoemWhat We NeedUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips39:15:0040:20:001:05
LG 3-67 Wild Dogs of Kitwanga18SongThey're Running the Bums Out of TownUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips40:20:0043:05:002:45
LG 3-67 Wild Dogs of Kitwanga19SongPull 'Em ThroughJohnny Bartholomew/ Jimmy BorsdorfHaywire Bruce Brackney43:05:0046:20:003:15
LG 3-67 Wild Dogs of Kitwanga20Poem"Allagazam, Clickety-click"Goerge Milburn "Hobo's Hornbook"Utah Phillips46:20:0047:50:001:30
LG 3-67 Wild Dogs of Kitwanga21StoryPullman PortersLarry PennLarry Penn47:50:0049:20:001:30
LG 3-67 Wild Dogs of Kitwanga22SongOn the Way to OmahaLarry PennLarry Penn49:20:0052:10:002:50
LG 3-67 Wild Dogs of Kitwanga23SongThe Midnight SpecialHuddie Ledbetter/ TraditionalSpider John Koerner52:10:0055:10:003:00
LG 3-67 Wild Dogs of Kitwanga24Poem"He comes along the street singing..."Wendell BerryUtah Phillips55:40:0056:25:000:45
Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG 3-68 The Fading of the Old West1Poem"Want Ad"Utah PhillipsUtah Phillips0:350:500:15
LG 3-68 The Fading of the Old West2StoryIn Jail in San Juan CountyUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips2:153:401:25
LG 3-68 The Fading of the Old West3SongBlue MountainF. W. KellerArt Thieme3:407:103:30
LG 3-68 The Fading of the Old West4SongThe Cowboy WaltzTraditional???7:108:201:10
LG 3-68 The Fading of the Old West5StoryMy DesertUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips8:2010:452:25
LG 3-68 The Fading of the Old West6SongSitting By the Old CorralMontana Slim (Wilf Carter)Utah Phillips10:4512:502:05
LG 3-68 The Fading of the Old West7SongRed River BluesMontana SlimMontana Slim12:5015:553:05
LG 3-68 The Fading of the Old West8StoryJudy Bari and CowboysUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips15:5518:102:15
LG 3-68 The Fading of the Old West9SongForty a Month and FoundGeorge Fehr / TraditionalLarry Hanks18:1020:152:05
LG 3-68 The Fading of the Old West10SongThe Bosque County RomanceSteve FrumholzSteve Frumholz20:1524:10:003:55
LG 3-68 The Fading of the Old West11Station BreakKenny Hall24:10:0029:00:004:50
LG 3-68 The Fading of the Old West12CommentThe End of "Public"Utah PhillipsUtah Phillips29:00:0031:20:002:20
LG 3-68 The Fading of the Old West13SongThere's an Empty Cot in the Bunkhouse TonightGene AutryRosalie Sorrels31:20:0034:15:002:55
LG 3-68 The Fading of the Old West14StoryThe Great Turtle Drive of '86Utah PhillipsUtah Phillips34:15:0036:45:002:30
LG 3-68 The Fading of the Old West15SongThe Old Chisholm TrailTraditionalHaywire Mac McClintock36:45:0040:55:004:10
LG 3-68 The Fading of the Old West16StoryThunderstorms in Flat CountryUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips40:55:0042:35:001:40
LG 3-68 The Fading of the Old West17SongJohnny ThurmondUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips42:35:0044:35:002:00
LG 3-68 The Fading of the Old West18CommentHow We Value the LandUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips44:35:0045:40:001:05
LG 3-68 The Fading of the Old West19PoemKoroni Actate (Sp.?)Utah PhillipsUtah Phillips45:40:0047:10:001:30
LG 3-68 The Fading of the Old West20SongPaiute Chant: Our Fathers' Thoughts are Shining DownTraditionalField Recording47:10:0049:45:002:35
LG 3-68 The Fading of the Old West21SongThe Spirit is Still on the RunWalkin' Jim StolzWalkin' Jim Stolz49:45:0053:35:003:50
LG 3-68 The Fading of the Old West22SongOld DoloresJames Grafton RogersUtah Phillips53:35:0055:20:001:45
LG 3-68 The Fading of the Old West23CommentWhat I WantEdward AbbeyUtah Phillips56:00:0056:15:000:15
Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG 3-70 Labor Day1PoemNew BuildingUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips0:251:200:55
LG 3-70 Labor Day2CommentHow Capitalism Divides Us Young and OldUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips2:105:052:55
LG 3-70 Labor Day3SongTalking UnionPete Seeger and Almanac SingersPete Seeger 5:058:002:55
LG 3-70 Labor Day4CommentRedbaiting and Union-baitingUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips8:009:501:50
LG 3-70 Labor Day5SongAre You Now Or Have You Ever BeenCharlie KingCharlie King9:5013:253:35
LG 3-70 Labor Day6CommentRant-Along: AssumptionsUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips13:2516:403:15
LG 3-70 Labor Day7SongThe Little Red HenMalvina ReynoldsFaith Petric16:4019:202:40
LG 3-70 Labor Day8CommentIt Takes Two Nowadays to Earn One LivingUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips19:2021:101:50
LG 3-70 Labor Day9SongThe Minimum Wage StrikeDavid RovicsDavid Rovics21:1024:55:003:45
LG 3-70 Labor Day10StorySarah Ogun GunningUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips24:55:0026:15:001:20
LG 3-70 Labor Day11SongDown on the Picket LineSarah Ogun GunningSarah Ogun Gunning26:15:0027:30:001:15
LG 3-70 Labor Day12Station BreakThe Happy Neighbor ClubKenny Hall, Jody Stecher27:30:0028:40:001:10
LG 3-70 Labor Day13SongWar on the WorkersAnne FeeneyAnne Feeney28:40:0034:25:005:35
LG 3-70 Labor Day14StoryWesley Everett and the Centralia MassacreUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips34:25:0036:20:001:55
LG 3-70 Labor Day15SongThe Tragedy of Sunset LandLoren RobertsAl Grierson36:20:0039:45:003:25
LG 3-70 Labor Day16StoryMike MarkerUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips39:45:0040:55:001:10
LG 3-70 Labor Day17SongThe Logger's SongMike MarkerMike Marker, Larry Hanks40:55:0047:45:006:50
LG 3-70 Labor Day18CommentLabor Day SpeechUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips47:45:0050:40:002:55
LG 3-70 Labor Day19SongWe Are Building A Strong UnionMarion NC Textile Workers / TraditionalSacramento Labor Chorus50:40:0053:15:002:25
LG 3-70 Labor Day20SongThe InternationalEugene Pottier (Tr. Charles H. Kerr)Len Wallace53:15:0055:10:001:55
LG 3-70 Labor Day21PoemWorkers of the World AwakenJoe HillUtah Phillips55:50:0056:10:000:30

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