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Posted By: Bob Bolton
11-Aug-03 - 12:53 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Greensleeves - parodies
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Parody of Greensleeves
G'day again,

Oh ... and I should also have mentioned that by 1962 I had heard esentially the same version of the first part of the song - sung in Sydney folk clubs ... although the opening lines were more like:

My grandma died, and in her will,
She left her love and her grocer's bill;
An old tom-cat that was always ill ...
And a little machine that played Greensleeves.

Unlike either version quoted, so far, I remember this as having a chorus ... something like:

Greensleeves - that lovely lay;
Greensleeves, played it night and day ...

But this isn't accurate - and certainly not complete. As I headed south to (comparatively) chilly Tasmania a year or two later, I didn't get hear many ice cream vans over the next 5 years ... and the song had vanished by the time I returned to Sydney, in 1970.

The other point I ought to have made in the previous post, is that I don't remember the Vietnam links in the first version of the song I heard - so I'm inclined to think they added themselves sometime about 1965/6.


Bob Bolton