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Posted By: IanC
12-Aug-03 - 04:23 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Black Velvet Band (variations)
Subject: Lyr Add: BLACK VELVET BAND (broadside)
A - Broadside printed by Swindells (Manchester) (between 1796 and 1853).

(tune "Tars of the Blanch")

To go in a smack, down at Barking, when a boy, as apprentice I was bound
And I spent many hours in comfort in that pleasant little town;
At length future prospects were blighted, as soon you may all understand,
So by my downfall take warning – beware of a black velvet band.

One day, being out on a ramble, alone by myself I did stray,
I met with a young gay deceiver, while cruising in Ratcliffe Highway;
Her eyes were as black as a raven, I thought her the pride of the land,
Her hair, that did hang o'er her shoulders, was tied with a black velvet band.

She towed me in port and we anchored, from virtue she did me decoy,
When it was proposed, and agreed to, that I should become a flash boy,
With drinking and gaming and plunder, to keep up the game was soon planned,
But since, I've had cause to remember the girl with a black velvet band.

Flash girls, if you wish to turn modest, and decent connexion to gain,
Do not wear a band o'er your forehead, as if to tie in your brain;
Some do prefer Victoria fashion, and some their hair braided go grand,
Myself, I do think it much better than a girl with a black velvet band.

Young men, by my fate take a warning, from all those gay ladies refrain,
And seek for a neat little woman that wears her hair parted quite plain;
The subject that now I do mention, though innocent, soon me trepaun'd,
But still I've a strong inclination for the girl with the black velvet band.

For she towed in a bold man-of-war's man, her ogle she winked on the sly,
But little did I know her meaning, when I twigged her a faking his cly;
He said, I'm bound for the ocean, and shortly the trip will be made,
But still I've a strong inclination for the girl with the black velvet band.

A snare was invented to slight and banish me out of her sight,
A fogle she brought of no value, saying, more I will bring this night;
She slipped it into my pocket, false girl! And took me by the hand,
They gave me in charge of the sneezer – bad luck to the black velvet band!

I quickly was nailed and committed, and cast in the jug for a lag,
For a wipe that she pinched and bunged to me, and valued no more than a fag;
The judge said to me, You are sentenced to a free passage to Van Diemen's Land,
Far, far away from relations so adieu the black velvet band.