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Posted By: Kevin Sheils
12-Aug-03 - 10:33 AM
Thread Name: Sidmouth- How was it for you?
Subject: RE: Sidmouth- How was it for you?
Here's the song I sang in the Theatre Bar. As it mentions two Mudcatters I guess it's appropriate.

Not being a songwriter myself I'll add a bit of background to explain how it happened. Each year we travel down to Sidmouth by train on the Friday and invariably Kevin McGrath and Ann(e?) are on the same train so when I saw him the first few lines just popped into my head as a sort of parody (this thing happens to me fairly regularly and is as quickly forgotten). My schedule usually means I only make it to the Theatre Bar once or twice in the week and so whilst strolling up there on Tuesday I still had the first bit in my head so thought why waste it, KM will be there so I'll try to expand it and made up the next three veses as I strolled in. I hadn't written it down so from memory I sang (tune should be obvious).

Now Kevin McGrath the MC said
Would you like to sing a song that's going through your head
You can sing it standing up or from where you're sat
Now Kevin McGrath wouldn't we like that
With me too-ri-a fol the diddle da
Especially the one about the Marmite jar

Well every year at the Theatre Bar
They call upon singers from both near and far
The songs may be happy or they may be sad
They may be contemp'ry or they may be trad
With me too-ri-a fol the diddle da
Anything goes down at the Theatre Bar

So if you've got a party piece you'd like to try
But your worried that your throat may get dry
There's no need to worry there's no need to fear
You can get a cup of tea or a pint of beer
With me too-ri-a fol the diddle da
I'm not sure about the tea but I like a jar

This event is organised by Kitty and Tim
And another fellow but I don't know him
They work very hard to make the venue thrive
It's a very good way to keep the songs alive
With me too-ri-a fol the diddle da
So make sure you get down to the Theatre Bar

If I ever do write anything they are usually just on the spur of, or appropriate to, a particular moment and mean nothing after the event or outside the circle. As with the one I did for the Herga 40th Birthday this sort of thing was a bit of a tradition at the Herga when I was there from 1975-1978.

To get back on topic I had a great time at Sidmouth, the only mudcatter I know I met that was new to me was John Bardens, who seemed to be working hard at the Bedford, I caught him for a few moments at Port Royal thanks to his photo. There may have been others that I didn't know were mudcatters.

I'm just glad that the 4 Ham concerts I MC'd were evenings not midday or afternoon ones ;-)