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Posted By: masato sakurai
12-Aug-03 - 08:41 PM
Thread Name: Tune Req: American Shaker song: 'More Love'
Subject: RE: Tune Req: American Shaker song: 'More Love'
Here you are. It took me more than five minutes. To convert ABC to score & midi, use ABC Convert-A-Matic.

T:More Love
B:Edward D. Andrews, The Gift To Be Simple (1940; Dover, 1962, facing p. 84)
S:Leaflet song, Canterbury, c. 1871
C:Shaker Village, Mer. Co., N.H.
d2|B2z2Bd|d/B3/2 z2Bd|e2e2d2|d2B2A2|
w:More love, more_ love;_ The_ heav-ens are bless-ing, The
ABB2A2|G2G2AB|A2G2AB|G2z2:||:E D|
w:an - gels are call-ing, O_ Zi-on, more_ love. If ye
w:love not each oth - er in_ dai-ly com-mun - ion, How_
w:can ye love God, Whom ye have not_ seen?
W:2. More love, more love, Alone by its power
W:The world we will conquer; For true love is God.
W:If ye love one another, Then God dwelleth in you,
W:And ye are made strong, To live by his word.