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Posted By: alison
03-Aug-97 - 09:13 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Old Scottish Lament / Fear a Bhata
Subject: Lyr/Chords Add: FEAR A'BHATA

Here's another set of words which fits the tune better.

Capo 3.

   Am                                              Em
I climb the mountain and scan the ocean.
Am Em
For thee, my boatman, with fond devotion.
Am C G
When shall I see thee? today? tomorrow?
F Am Dm Em F Am.
Oh! do not leave me in lonely sorrow.
CHO: O, my boatman, na horo aila, (3x).
May joy await thee where'er thou sailest..

From passing boatmen I'd fain discover.
If they have heard of or seen my lover;.
They never tell me - I'm only chided,
And told my heart has been sore misguided.

That thou'rt a rover my friends have told me,.
But not the less to my heart I hold thee;.
And every night in my dream I see thee.
And still at dawn will the visions flee me.

My heart is weary with ceaseless wailing,.
Like wounded swan when her strength is failing.
Her notes of anguish the lake awaken,.
By all her comrades at last forsaken..

I 've also heard it done in English with the chorus still partly in Gaelic.

Fear an bhata na horo eile (x3).
Oh fare thee well love where e're ye be.

Hope this helps. It's a great song.