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Posted By: mooman
13-Aug-03 - 06:36 PM
Thread Name: Yamaha FG 401 strings
Subject: RE: Yamaha FG 401 strings
Dear Cattail,

This is basically a dependable, well-built laminated top and body guitar. You don't say what gauges your light gauge strings are but, depending on the string manufacturer, they will probably start with an .011 or .012 gauge plain top E. I doubt that this guitar will be driven well by anthing below about .012 to .052 and, if that isn't sufficient, you might well want to consider moving to medium gauge (generally starting at .013 top E). One frequent problem, however, with this guitar tends to be a rather high action as originally factory set and, if that is the case, with heavier strings you might well want to consider having the action lowered a little to avoid difficult fretting. Any competent repairman or guitar technican will be able to do this.

Hope this helps a little.