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Posted By: Deckman
15-Aug-03 - 04:51 PM
Thread Name: how do you prepare to sing?
Subject: RE: how do you prepare to sing?
This is a good subject and once again demonstrates the value of MUDCAT. Thanks again Max, and everyone else who helps out.

There's some fine suggestions here. I also vocalize prior to performing. How you vocalize depending upon your training. My first vocal coach was an operatic tenor, so I do some of his descending scales to loosen up. My next coach was a basso profundo, So I do some of his throat rattling rumbles. By the way, these REALLY loosen up my sinuses and help me to project.

One thing that I haven't seen emphized too much is the need to prepare your breathing. Breath is the support system for the voice ... well duh! There are several breathing exercises I do to focus myself. These are both physical as well as mental.

It always helps when you have a "green room" available, but that's rare in my performing circles. So getting and staying mentally focused is also large part of my preparation.

If possible, on the day of my evening performance, I will hide. By this I mean I speak to almost no one. "Bride Judy" understands this and is very supportive. I don't need to blow my voice by answering the phone and yelling at some stupid telemarketer, do I?

I think I would add one final comment: I view my performance as an obligation. I take it very, very seriously. Sure, I cut up and have a lot of fun on stage, and that usually comes across well. But it's my duty to present my voice, my guitar, my songs, my music in the best way possible. If I do all my homework: my material, my introductions, my guitar playing, my vocalizing, my diction, my elocution, my research, my rest ... well, then I think I have a right to collect my fee.

It's called being a proffessional.