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Posted By: Tweed
15-Aug-03 - 08:01 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads


Who'd a thunk it...nearly 900 little steaming piles of crap. A blot on the mudcat nation with a stench-cloud rising that turns aside all but the most dedicated bullshitter.
Welcome Hrothgleas. I can think of no better entry into this bizarro world of BS than to start expounding upon the virtues of keyboard bands. I applaud and salute you vigorously!

Where is Penelope Rogglodge keeping her tartly self? My god that woman is fascinating, even though she detests me so bitterly and would have me flayed and consumed by the invading freds for amusement given the opportunity.

And what of the King of All Bullshit himself? It is rumored that the Royal Palace in Mississippi was underwater and sinking like fabled Atlantis with him on his throne.

And where is the High Priest of All Horseshit,the flatulent and highly volatile Catspaw and the CLETISIAN Forces? O, how I long for the days of truly sumptuous bullshit, exploding outhouses, the rocketing blow-up sex dolls, KingKhandu receiving his electroshock treatments at Neil Young's very exclusive rehabilitation spa.

Bring the BS to the table along with a well cooked mallard and the Royal Dancing Tarts. We must make merry as we have nearly reached 900.

Lord of this SpareTire Puter known only as ZEOS.