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Posted By: Mary Humphreys
17-Aug-03 - 11:42 AM
Thread Name: how do you prepare to sing?
Subject: RE: how do you prepare to sing?
I never drink orange squash or any similar drink. It seems to coat the vocal chords with something akin to glue.Eating does the same.
Like Harvey Andrews - I can really only sing well in a smoke-free atmosphere. The first hint of tobacco smoke and my voice goes on strike. I do like to have a pint of tap-water on hand to help lubricate the old throat. A beer is a relaxant but should not be relied upon to improve performance!
Also, I have learnt from experience that if PA is offered, NEVER turn it down. Many of my songs require a lot of diaphragm effort that can also take its toll of the vocal chords. PA makes it possible to sing these songs without the detrimental effect.
Mary Humphreys