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Posted By: Liz the Squeak
18-Aug-03 - 12:06 AM
Thread Name: how do you prepare to sing?
Subject: RE: how do you prepare to sing?
Deckman - that explains a lot..... Obviously I must be sounding like Maria Callas by now!

Warm ups are vital if you are doing a gig. For a session, singing along with everyone else is usually enough to start off with.

I find if I keep the lower register stuff out of a set until the end of the evening (or weekend), I can last longer. I've got volume in my lower register, but it's very wearing and nothing will knacker me quicker than singing the wrong songs at the beginning of the session/weekend. So I use my upper and middle registers until they are showing signs of overuse and then switch to the lower.

Warm ups, suitable lubrication and guage your set carefully. Usually though,I just open me gob and sing!