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Posted By: masato sakurai
19-Aug-03 - 12:15 AM
Thread Name: Origins: S-A-V-E-D
Subject: Lyr Add: RADIO STATION S-A-V-E-D
Another S-A-V-E-D song:
Words and Music by
Roy Acuff and Odell McLeod

Oh they say there'll be a judgment, that it may come any day
Will you be prepared for Jesus, has He brightened up your way
He will take the torch of glory as the Bible it did say
It's the microphone of Jesus over S-A-V-E-D.

    Oh this station's owned and opperated by the soul of Jesus.
    Won't you listen in to station S-A-V-E-D.
    If the road is dark and stormy and you cannot see your way
    Why not turn your dial to Jesus, won't you listen in today.

You get news direct from heaven from that gloryland on high
Where there is no interference or no static in the sky
All the programs are of happiness and never no dispair
It's the only radio station that is never off the air.

Each and ev'ry one are welcome to the studios of Christ
There'll be Angels there to greet you, Oh, they'll treat you very nice
Here they do not charge admission, it is free to one and all.
Won't you get in tune with Jesus, please do not neglect His call.
SOURCE: Gospel & Inspirational Showstoppers (GPP/Belwin, 1992)