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Posted By: Liz the Squeak
19-Aug-03 - 01:01 AM
Thread Name: how do you prepare to sing?
Subject: RE: how do you prepare to sing?
Mark - yes - the training given to opera and other formal singers is extensive and if I knew what they did at Berklee or Juillard to guitarists, it would probably be the same; although, do guitarists get made to play whilst lying at full stretch along a bench with their heads hanging down over the end or curled up in a ball and expected to be audible? I've been made to do those exercises and that was just for what is basically a church choir!

As for your other question about arcane styles - it is very much a matter of fashion. If you put Bob Dylan on Pop Idol (terrible programme where wannabe pop singers are put through auditions and ritual public humiliation), do you honestly think he would get through? His recordings, to us now, sound rough, ill trained, harsh and quite often not on pitch. 40 years or so ago, it was something different, a primeaval (well, evil anyway) sound that matched the mood of the times. He disappeared from the general public eye in the 1980's because all the general populace wanted then was the perfect sound, highly processed and smooth. We are so used to the 'perfect' studio recordings we can buy quite cheaply now, that we no longer want to hear the rough, artisan style that is what folk music started out as. If you produced a CD of some old people singing in a noisy pub, it would probably go down like a lead balloon to all but the most hardened 'finger in the ear' folkie. It's the difference between Brussels pate and Ardennes pate. Some likes it smooth and some likes the lumps in it, but it's all pate.